[NHDOE-ETNews] Redefining Teacher Education for Digital Age Learners

Higgins, Cathy CHiggins at ed.state.nh.us
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Earlier this week, several NH educational leaders attended a Summit on
Redefining Teacher Education for Digital Age Learners
<http://www.redefineteachered.org/> , convened by twelve national
educational organizations. Videos of the presentations and discussions
are archived and a national conversation surrounding the conference
proceedings has begun online. Please read more about the summit,
participate online, and share this information widely with your
colleagues. Don't wait because the interactive web event is only open
until December 13th!
"Teacher education is a complex system. Many contributors are involved,
including state legislatures, state certification boards, national and
regional accreditation associations, educational professional
associations, teacher unions, teacher education institutions, schools,
and the federal government. Most of these stakeholders agree that
teacher education needs to change to meet the needs of digital age
learners and the challenges of a rapidly changing knowledge and
technology-based global society. But diverse policy contexts and a lack
of shared vision pose barriers to collaborative action among the
stakeholders to affect change. Although there are isolated islands of
innovation and excellence in educator professional development,
concerted and coordinated action by all stakeholder groups is needed to
take them to scale." (www.redefineteachered.org) 
Join the Conversation: The day after the on-site Summit closes, a five
day web event begins. Several of the speakers will be available to
respond to virtual participants questions and comments about the
presentations or related issues. The easy-to-use text-based forums have
a new feature that allows participants to view the video and mark the
part of the presentation they would like to discuss. The forum is open
to the public, but to reduce the risk of spamming, posts will not appear
until approved by a moderator. The interactive web event begins on the
morning of 12/09/09 and closes on the evening of 12/13/09. Afterward,
the archived discussions will remain available for viewing. Discussants
and topics include:
*	Dr. Gerald Knezek - digital age learners
*	Ms. Susan Patrick - online learning and teacher education
*	Dr. Jim Cibulka - NCATE redesign
*	Dr. Chris Dede - teachers-plus educational model
*	Karen Bruett - strategies and next steps panel

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