[NHDOE-ETNews] NCLB Title II-D Funding Update

Higgins, Cathy CHiggins at ed.state.nh.us
Mon Jul 13 09:32:54 EDT 2009

Many NH educators are anxiously awaiting news about the application
process for NCLB Title II-D funds. This is the federal "Enhancing
Education Through Technology" Program which provides supplemental
funding to schools to integrate technology into curricula with the goal
of improving teaching and learning. The Office of Educational Technology
is working on the application forms this week with tentative plans to
release forms and guidance by Friday, July 17, 2009. Since this year's
application will contain information about federal stimulus funding
(ARRA) as well as regular funding, it is important to note that official
documentation will be available at the NH recovery website at:

The federal ARRA web page with information about this program is at:

1. Will there be both formula and competitive grants?
While initial information from the USDOE in March indicated that states
would be required to issue funds as both formula and competitive, we
have received further guidance from USDOE indicating more flexibility,
similar to the last two years of funding. States are strongly encouraged
to use ARRA funds for grant competitions for projects that can show the
positive impacts which advanced technologies can have on student
achievement. The NHDOE application is, therefore, likely to be focused
on competitive grants. 

2. What kind of projects will be funded?
Current plans are to issue three types of grants which build on efforts
of previous years: (1) Working with each of the NHDOE content
consultants, we expect to issue a significant number of classroom
technology mini-grants to support "exemplary projects" in each grade
range (k-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12) and content area, (2) The Tech Leadership
Program which was piloted in 2008-09 will be expanded with further
support for teachers as well as school administrators, and (3)
significant grants to support transformations in schools to create 21st
Century Classrooms. 

When final information and documents are available, a message will be
posted to this listserv and documents available on the NHDOE Recovery


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