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If your district is working on an ARRA ed tech grant proposal, here are a few tips and reminders:

All ARRA Title IID proposals and accompanying information must be submitted to the online system which is accessible at http://mydoe.nh.gov. By default, all superintendents have login access to all of the ARRA programs for education in this system. Accordingly, superintendents should be able to see the link to the Title IID application within the LEA home page when they login. 

If additional individuals within the district have access to the system but not to the Title IID section, they may request access by sending an email to myNHDOEhelp at ed.state.nh.us. Include your name and the username you already have established in the system. Indicate that that you'd like your username to have access to the Title IID program page. (See "contact support" on the MyDOE home page.) 

If you do not yet have access to the myDOE system at all, you first need to create a user account from the MyDOE home page where it says "create user account." Then you will need to request access to the Title IID page.

Enter project manager and fiscal contact information into the first page. Once your proposal and budget are ready to submit, you will enter budget information into the appropriate table in the online system and also attach your Title IID application narrative as a WORD document (not a PDF). You may attach other supporting
documentation as applicable. Please refer to page 19 of the RFP. 

Make sure you work with your district budget manager on the budget items and budget codes to enter into the online system. Your budget will be submitted in two forms: within the budget fields in the online system AND you will also have a budget section within the proposal narrative WORD document. 

Please note that page 2 of the application form has an introductory paragraph regarding font size and page limitations. That box with text is only for your reference. Your proposal narrative/text is to be placed within each box/section of the application form. The text within the application form IS considered your proposal narrative. The form is used to ensure that all applications are received in the same format and address the same key areas.

Regarding allowable items in the budget: 

You may request more than 25% of the budget for professional development expenses but you may not request less. This is a federal requirement. It also makes sense because you cannot hope to implement a large technology project without also providing a significant amount of professional development support to your teachers. PD items can include costs to facilitate, stipends, travel to PD activities off site, and registration fees for online courses or conferences. If you are unsure whether an expense can be considered in the PD category, send me an email. Your PD activities should include all teachers in the project school, as appropriate, depending on their level of involvement in the project. 

Make sure you have at least one classroom with a full compliment of digital devices to create a 1:1 ratio of students to computing devices. 

Make sure your teachers have laptops to use 24/7. If they already were furnished with laptops last year or the year before, consider whether you need to purchase new or whether you can use those funds for other equipment. Be sure to describe in your proposal how you are addressing this requirement for teacher laptops. 

Make sure you have budgeted 10% of your total budget for evaluation. Most but not all of this is expected to be used for the statewide evaluation in which all ARRA projects will be required to participate. Describe and include the cost of any local evaluation efforts that would enhance the project. Any uncertaintiy in the exact amounts for evaluation will be addressed at the December 10th awardees meeting. 

Regarding the rest of your proposal, while not required, you may certainly include any other attachments that you feel convey important information. For example, if you intend to implement a particular set of science materials, you might attach a one page description of the materials. Additional attachments do not count as part of the 20-page narrative limitation. 

Make sure you leave enough time for your superintendent to review the entire application. Final submission is not valid until the superintendent logs into the system and signs off on the entire contents. This includes the assurrances statements which are included in "district application cover page" of the RFP. Although it says to mail this signed page to the DOE, you do NOT have to send a hard copy to the DOE. Those instructions were created before we received approval from the Attorney General's office that the superintendent's online approval was a sufficient alternative to the hard copy.

Before you hit the final submit button, GO BACK THROUGH THE ENTIRE REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS document. The RFP describes federal requirements and provides much background information that can make a difference in your application receiving a higher or lower score in the review process.

Applications are due on Friday, November 6th. If there are more questions to clarify between now and Friday, I will send clarifications via this listserv.

Those projects which receive funding will become models for others to follow and will need strong commitment at all levels to be successful. Be prepared to collaborate, explore, and share! 

Good luck! 


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