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Fri Nov 6 10:45:46 EST 2009

Greetings ETNews subscribers! Happy Friday! Happy Fall!

It has been a very busy fall for all of us, with the school year
starting, flu warnings, grant proposals, NECAP testing, and so on. We
know that several districts are awaiting the results of the Classroom
Technology Mini-Grants competition for federal NCLB Title II-D funding.
We also realize that many of you have already submitted or are in the
final stages of submitting an ARRA grant proposal. We will finalize all
of these and post awards announcements as soon as humanly possible. The
consortium applications for Tech Leader Cohorts have been awarded, with
a few minor details being adjusted. I am working with each of the PD
centers involved to get all TLC activities underway.

All mini-grant proposals have been reviewed by external reviewers,
meaning educators in the field like you, as well as a few DOE staff. I
am going over all scores and comments to address any outstanding
questions and concerns. Once this is done, the awards will be announced
- hopefully later today. One of the challenges has been that several
proposals do not reflect a close adherence to the proposal requirements
as stated in the RFP. This is unfortunate, as it may result in several
projects not being funded.

Last minute reminders and clarifications about ARRA grants:

1.	If your district has already fully submitted an ARRA application
into the online system but you realize you need to make a change today,
just email me to release the application back to you. Once you make your
edits, you need to ask your superintendent to re-submit online. 
2.	Please take the time to sit down with the Request for Proposals
(RFP) again and read each page again. Sometimes it's the little things
you didn't read carefully or information you didn't remember to include
in your first few proposal drafts that can make a difference in an
3.	Numerous ARRA grants have already been submitted to the online
system at my.doe.nh.gov. I know there are more on the way. The deadline
is midnight today, November 6th. Coffee might help if you're still
working on yours. :-)
4.	If you have not yet been in the ARRA online system, it is
CRITICAL that you ensure full access THIS MORNING. Do not wait till the
last minute to find out that you can't even get into the system. Please
refer to page 19 of the RFP for final submission instructions. All
superintendents have full access to all ARRA programs. Additional access
for others can be obtained by setting up a login and password on the
MyDOE login page and then submitting a request through the email for
"contact support" also available on the login page. There are five
levels of status in the system: Started, Ready for Superintendent
Approval, Submitted, Returned, Approved. Be aware that your
superintendent must login and submit the final approval to change the
status to SUBMITTED. 
5.	Please note that, while the RFP states that the signed cover
page must be snail mailed to NHDOE, this is not needed now because after
the RFP was posted, we learned the Attorney General's office had
determined that the superintendent's signoff in the system is the
equivalent to the signature page. 
6.	Enter each budget item within the online form, choosing the
appropriate categories listed on page 19. THIS ONLINE SYSTEM is a
replacement for the OBM Form 1 which is normally used for federal grants
from the NHDOE. Accordingly, you will enter Form 1 information into the
online system. 
7.	Your budget items in the proposal document might not align
perfectly to the online system. For example, if you have budgeted for
FICA as part of a staff member's role in PD, this can be included in the
PD portion of the budget table in the Word document, but must be listed
separately in the online system. 
8.	Enter a brief description of each activity. We suggest that you
copy/paste from the budget narrative in the Word application document. 
9.	Enter appropriate function and object codes and amounts.
10.	Attach the entire proposal narrative - this is the application
in Word format. There is a link in the online system for "attachments."
Check your document to ensure it has retained basic formatting so as to
be easy to read. Skewed tables and odd fonts won't endear your proposal
to a reviewer. If you do not use MS-Word and your proposal document is
not cleanly formatted, please email me to convert the Word version to an
RTF version if needed.
11.	Attach the NH Star Chart as an Excel file.
12.	Attach any other supporting documents you feel are important to
convey the proposed project work.

Lastly, we know this is hard work to pull together a coherent project
plan for an effort that can truly transform a whole school environment
with digital tools for kids, professional development, policy
strategies, elements of online learning, community support,
administrative support, and more. There will most certainly be several
projects that do not get funded, as we expect to receive twice as many
requests as can be funded. Please keep in mind that, even if yours is
not funded, you may wish to save the proposal for a future submission
and/or begin implementing aspects of it with other funds. There is no
question that our schools must be transformed into 21st century learning


Dr. Cathy Higgins
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