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Many of you are considering the NCLB Title IID applications which were
posted to the web earlier this month (www.nheon.org/oet/nclb). Several
districts have asked about whether they should apply for individual
grants or as part of a consortium. While both the RFP for ARRA funds and
for regular IID funds allows either option, the following might be

TLC Grants - NHDOE encourages consortium applications instead of
individual grants because we learned from the first year TLC pilot that
consortia of districts in each region of the state would help with the
coordination aspect. Activities and purchases will be similar for all
TLC school teams, so group purchases from one lead district would
simplify one aspect of implementation. Five or six consortium awards
will be much easier for everyone to manage, than 60 individual awards.

Mini-grants - NHDOE encourages individual applications instead of
consortia, unless there is strong coordination and similarity in
projects among the districts in a proposed consortium. Since each
mini-grant team is likely to purchase several items of equipment and
supplies, this would more easily allow the school to keep the equipment
in their inventory, rather than have to return it to or arrange for
ongoing loans from a consortium lead district.

ARRA grants - NHDOE expects that most districts will prefer to submit
individual applications because of the size and complexity of what these
projects will require in implementation and evaluation. However, SAUs
with multiple districts might wish to simplify their application and
implementation process by submitting one application instead of several.
The choice is up to each district. The rationale for this choice should
include which staff in which district would be responsible for
purchases, budget reports, coordination of PD activities, communication,
community awareness, etc. 

Local Ed Support Center Network - Most or all of the PD centers have
indicated they would like to submit consortium applications for their
respective regions. Accordingly, the following information is shared as
an FYI. Please visit www.lescn.org for direct contact information to
each PD center.

SWnhESC in Keene is hosting a meeting on 9/28. Two districts are
planning to attend and the center would like to encourage more. Please
contact Charlotte Greenhalgh for more information.

SPDC in Exeter will be hosting an informational and technical assistance
session for area school districts about the Title IID Regular Round 8
Funding on September 24th at 3:30pm.  If you are interested in attending
to learn more about this opportunity, please register at www.spdc.org or
call Jen Middaugh to let her know that you will be attending.  Funding
will be targeted toward "high need districts" so please consider your
eligibility status which can be found on pages 18-22 of the RFP at

NCESPDC in Gorham sent the following message (excerpts here) to
principals in the North Country:  "If you have looked at the RFP for the
Title IID Technology grants released on Sept 15 (not to be confused with
ARRA technology grant RFP), you will see that part of that RFP is
looking for a consortium of 10 districts in 6 regions to join the
Technology Leadership Cohort. NCES is planning to coordinate the
consortium for this region if there is enough interest. Please
thoroughly look through the RFP and the commitment you would be making
and let me know if you are interested. You need to commit one
administrator and two others to the team. The program is developed by
the NHDOE Office of Ed Tech and, though NCES will be coordinating this
region, the content and delivery will be as outlined in the RFP at
www.nheon.org/oet/nclb. Note: NHDOE has clarified that, technically,
non-high need districts can be part of this TLC consortium (just not the
lead district and not a majority of the consortium) and the focus of
impact must be to meet the needs of the high need districts. Please
respond to Lori Langlois with your interest by Sept 30 (TLC grant
application is due Oct 23). We will take districts on a first response
basis. For those of you who responded to my earlier email last month on
this expected RFP, please confirm your continued interest."

CACES in Penacook will host a workshop with CACES area school districts
on Sept. 29th at 3:15 p.m. Please contact Kathy Holt or Faith Wilson for
more information and to indicate your interest in participating.


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