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To all Technology Directors / Coordinators:

This notice contains information about the LoTI Digital Age Survey in
New Hampshire, as well as an update on other surveys.

Many of you are familiar with the LoTI teacher survey (Levels of
Teaching Innovation) which is now called the LoTI Digital Age Survey.
This survey has been used for several years in New Hampshire to gauge
progress in the use of technology and other innovative teaching
practices in NH classrooms. It has been a required survey for those
districts receiving Title II-D grants for educational technology and
optionally available for those districts not funded through Title II-D. 

While this online teacher survey remains freely available for teachers,
it is the district administrative reports (called LoTI Profiler) which
have an associated minimal cost. In the past, we have worked with the
Local Educational Support Center Network (PD Centers) to arrange
consortium purchasing, which provided each school district with access
to their own LoTI Administrative Reports (aggregated per school but not
per individual teacher).

This year, not only did the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
(ARRA) Title II-D funds provided grants to 18 districts to establish
21st Century Classrooms, ARRA also provided us with an opportunity to
develop a more significant evaluation process to measure the ways in
which technology has an impact on students, staff, and schools. We have
had numerous discussions among grant recipients, NHDOE staff, and with
the grant external evaluator, Hezel Associates, to decide:

1.	What do we want to know about the impact of educational
technology (and the Title II-D grants) in NH?
2.	What longer term data is going to be valuable with or without
grants and evaluation funds in future years for us to answer questions
of impact?
3.	What are the best evaluation tools to use for New Hampshire's ed
tech grants, both ARRA and regular?
4.	What can we use that is most likely to be sustainable in the
near future, given current and projected budget cuts at the local,
state, and national level?

The result of this discussion is that new data instruments are being
developed now, which will be available for all districts in NH to use
(and required for Title II-D funded districts). These include a teacher
survey, student survey, and classroom walkthrough tool, all of which
will be available for data collection using a web accessible interface.
The existing school and district tech survey will also be available
shortly. (No, you haven't missed the notice.) The case study report will
still be used, as well. A schedule of dates and details, including
feedback options, will be posted shortly.

If your district uses LoTI because you have found significant value in
its use for planning and decision making, you are most welcome to
continue using LoTI. Again, teachers can take the survey for free, while
access to the LoTI Profiler for administrative reports is $250 per
school -- discounts are available. Details may be found at

If your district is an educational technology grant recipient in the
current academic year, you are required to use the new evaluation tools
which will be available soon. Of course, your district may choose to
also use LoTI, as an additional (not replacement) instrument. More
information about each evaluation instrument will be available very
soon. Stay tuned!

Dr. Cathy Higgins, State Educational Technology Director
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