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An article in the Silicon Republic on 8-17-2010 refers to a research
study that was part of the eLearning for Educators Project. New
Hampshire is one of 10 states involved in the project. Our involvement
includes offering online PD courses through OPEN NH and working with EDC
to train several NH educators as course developers and facilitators.
Boston College's research involved offering a select number of reading
and math online courses created by EDC, with participants from NH and
several other states taking a series of courses. Here is an excerpt from
the article:


It was found that English and maths teachers who took on e-learning
courses in professional development have improved both their teaching
methods and their knowledge of the subject itself.... The report came
from four studies carried out on 330 teachers and 7,000 students over a
three-year period where teachers completed three online courses, were
assigned a trainer and each put in about 100 hours of training focused
on the key areas of content knowledge, incorporating that knowledge into
instruction and finally, classroom skills. These teachers - and their
students - were then compared to those who had not done any online

"This set of studies included educators working in a variety of settings
and demonstrates that online professional development is an effective
approach for improving teaching and learning in remote areas and
high-need schools," said Professor Michael Russell, the study director.

Read the full article here:



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