[NHDOE-ETNews] NHSTE has arrange for a new Microsoft licensing agreement for NH schools

Higgins, Cathy CHiggins at ed.state.nh.us
Sun Aug 29 20:02:24 EDT 2010

The following message was posted to the NHSTE listserv by Pam McLeod, NHSTE President, regarding Microsoft licensing for NH schools:

A small group of four technology directors (two from current school agreement districts, two from interested districts) met today with Rick Grady, our Microsoft Account Manager.  Rick has good news for us about the pending FTE agreement with Microsoft;  we are working out some details but should have specifics within the next week.

If you are still sitting on funds to upgrade to Win 7 or Office 2010 and have been waiting for news, please feel free to give a call to Pam McLeod (Alton SD), Sonja Gonzalez (Oyster River SD), Linda Heuer (Timberlane SD), or Rick Grady (Microsoft rep) anytime next week and we will fill you in - it may be worth your while to wait on those purchases. I will send out more information next week on the details that I can share, including some rough pricing numbers.

I will share the following:

  1.  For those currently in the NHSTE Consortium, your current SLA will be renewed Oct 1 but pro-rated for just 3 months, so we will remain in the current agreement only until Jan 1, when our new Consortium begins.
  2.  We are currently thinking that the FTE consortium will begin Jan 1 - new districts can jump in Jan 1 or July 1.
  3.  Yes, it will be a SIGNIFICANT savings over the current desktop-count school agreement, because you need to only license the number of full-time employees who are "knowledge workers" (PT staff count as 1/2 FTE, PT teachers count as 1/3 FTE), regardless of the number of computers owned.  The cost per license is higher than we are paying for the desktop agreement, but I can tell you that I am looking at a savings of around $4000/yr for my small district just based upon our numbers of FTE's versus client machines.
  4.  There are no longer any per-school minimums required to join.  We are not going for "Level B" pricing at the beginning (2500 FTE's), although we have a couple of sizable districts who may join us under the new schema, so perhaps we will get there.
  5.  MS will be setting up weekly webinars in Sept (repeats of the same session) so that you can call in to ask questions directly of our account managers - I will email invites as soon as I receive them.
  6.  We are working to set up a NHSTE Microsoft meeting at GovConnection this month, on a Friday, before NECAP testing begins.

I'm sure you have many more questions, but I am going to try to enjoy a small part of this beautiful weekend.  School for me begins on Monday - hope your school openings are going well!  I will be in all next week - feel free to call.

Know of a Tech Director, Tech Coordinator, Network Admin, etc. who is not on the NHSTE listserv or who is new to the job?  Please ask them to join us here!  Details on the listserv are on the website at www.nhste.org. (Although we would love for you to be a NHSTE member, it is a not a requirement to join the TC listserv.)


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