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Are you a Computer Technology Educator or an Education Technology

To be or not to be. That is the question, right? Many NH educators are
certified under Ed 507.22 Computer Technology Educator. When a committee
of educators met to discuss updating the standards for this credential,
they discussed the ways in which this position has changed over the
years. Once upon a time, many schools had a dedicated computer lab where
students would go for specific instruction in using productivity
software, learning how to keyboard, and so on. There was usually a
teacher who was certified to teach foundational computer skills. For
many schools the nature of how those computer labs are used has changed
and with it, the ways in which the computer teacher position is used to
support instruction. Many schools have found that, as their teachers
gained technology skills of their own, the job of the computer teacher
has become that of a team teacher helping to integrate technology skills
and tools into all classrooms and content areas. The changes made in
2005 to Ed 306.42, which is the set of standards for ICT Literacy
Programs in schools, also had an effect on this position. What follows
here is a description of the timeline for updating the credential. 

Note that this specific credential is meant to address the integration
of educational technology as an essential component of learning in a
21st century educational environment. It is not a credential
specifically for teaching computer science, which is more commonly
addressed in the Information Technology Programs offered at the Career
and Technical Education Centers (see
http://education.nh.gov/career/career/cte_programs.htm). For a full list
of all credentials and links to the standards for each credential, visit
the Bureau of Credentialing website at:

Timeline for Revising Certification Standards for Computer Technology

As requested by the Professional Standards Board, the Office of
Educational Technology at the NH Department of Education assembled a
committee to work on updating the certification standards for Ed 507.22
Computer Technology Educator. The majority of the work of this committee
was conducted during the summer of 2009. The committee's recommendations
were presented to the Professional Standards Board in September 2009 and
approved in October 2009. In addition to the changes in the standards,
the committee recommended changing the title to "Education Technology

At its April 2010 meeting, the State Board of Education accepted the
Professional Standards Board recommendation to begin the state
rulemaking process for these standards. The next step is a public
hearing at the State Board meeting on 6/9/2010 where any member of the
public may comment on the proposed standards. In addition, written
comments will be accepted until 6/23/2010. Written comments should be
submitted to the attention of Mary Mayo at mmayo at ed.state.nh.us. 

After the public comment period ends, all comments will be used to
inform any additional changes to the document. Depending on how quickly
any additional changes are completed, the document will go back to the
State Board on either 8/11 or 9/8 for final approval. At that point, the
standards are submitted to the Joint Legislative Committee for
Administrative Rules (JLCAR) for review. Assuming JLCAR approves the
document at either their September or October meeting, it returns to the
State Board for final adoption. The anticipated date when the standards
could be adopted would be either the State Board meetings on either
10/13/2010 or 11/10/2010. 

The proposed standards are posted on the NHDOE website in the Adoption
of Administrative Rules section at:

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