[NHDOE-ETNews] Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy Grant Opportunity

Higgins, Cathy CHiggins at ed.state.nh.us
Mon May 3 16:45:28 EDT 2010

This is a TIME SENSITIVE message directed at NH schools that might wish
to benefit from a grant program in which a key partner would be Common
Sense Media. They offer some great materials to help our kids gain some
balance in their media-saturated world.

Please visit the website at www.commonsensemedia.org to see who they are
and what they do. In short, Common Sense's Digital Literacy and
Citizenship curriculum tools for grades 5 through 8 provide guidance and
resources to help young people - as well as their parents and teachers -
successfully navigate the digital media world, and think critically
about the digital media content that they access and create.  Their
curriculum is designed to be used alongside other curricula and

Common Sense Media (CSM) has offered to partner with a consortium of NH
schools.  They have a Digital Literacy and Citizenship curriculum with
teacher training that would be an ideal complement to the federal grant
program called Investing in Innovation (I3). The following two program
priorities are most relevant:

*	Priority #1 - Innovations that Support Effective Teachers and
Principals, or 
*	Priority #3 - Innovations that Complement High Standards and

For example, the Digital Literacy and Citizenship curriculum tools could
complement a Priority 1 program that is replicating and/or expanding a
professional development training conference, while a Priority 3
approach might involve a one-to-one laptop program, or programs using
Internet-based applications or mobile technology.  Common Sense Media
suggests possibly funding additional pilot testing of the Digital
Literacy and Citizenship curriculum tools and teacher training within
New Hampshire schools. 

I'd like to identify perhaps 5-10 schools in NH to pilot the program
with the intention of wider implementation to the whole state. I have
suggested that the NH proposal include a full time position for a
coordinator of a statewide digital citizenship program (which would
encompass cyberbullying, internet safety, copyright and fair use, and
more). Another aspect might be to work with the Local Ed Support Center
Network to create regional programs for the pilot, which could help
expand the program later. 

Is your school interested in being a partner in the proposal? Would this
connect with other work you are doing? If so, please send me an email by
this Wednesday (May 5) indicating the name of the contact person to work
out the details. 


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