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NML Skills: Performance, Play and Identity

Thursday, May 13th  7-8:30PM EST


The New Media Literacies Webinar Series continues to explore how we might best equip young people with the social skills and cultural competencies required to become full participants in an emergent media landscape through our 4th in a series of monthly webinars focused on K-12 education. Join <https://sas.elluminate.com/site/external/launch/meeting.jnlpsid=voffice&password=M.0D40B502DA193CDA7C5579F7D8173A>  the next NML webinar using this link next Thursday evening at 7pm.


Taking the discussion beyond gaming to look at the critical nature of performance and play in both online and offline learning, Erin Reilly, NML Research Director, will lead a discussion examining the ways these skills can be employed across curricula and grade level, and specifically how they lend themselves to exploration through 'identity'.


We will play together as a group through a participatory, educator-led activity using these skills in action. Each of the NML webinars is designed for participants to:


1.     Explore selected skills needed for full engagement in today's participatory culture as outlined in the white paper Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century (Henry Jenkins et al., 2006)

2.     Encourage discussion around the three core challenges identified in this research: the participation gap, the transparency problem and the ethics challenge.


The series is developed by NML staff and researchers in conjunction with cutting edge educators, including an NML Early Adopters Group of six New Hampshire teachers representing schools in Keene, Deerfield, Litchfield, Pittsfield, Barrington, and Somersworth. (Come join the webinar to see who these adventurous educators are!) 


Each of the eight sessions (see full schedule below) features expert guest speakers, interactive tools and resources for educators to explore and take away, as well as time for brainstorming practical implementation of these concepts in practice. Follow-up discussions and live chat sessions will take place on subsequent Tuesdays via the NML Ning community at http://projectnml.ning.com (free registration in this online ning community). 





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Here’s the direct link to the webinar: 

https://sas.elluminate.com/site/external/launch/meeting.jnlpsid=voffice <https://sas.elluminate.com/site/external/launch/meeting.jnlpsid=voffice&password=M.0D40B502DA193CDA7C5579F7D8173A> &password=M.0D40B502DA193CDA7C5579F7D8173A 


8-part NML Web Seminar Series


Each webinar introduces an NML skill (or two) and provides opportunity to explore and discuss. A few days later, an online follow up chat is held. Although it's helpful to participate in the webinar, if you miss it, you can still join the chat.


All Webinars are scheduled for 7-8:30 PM EST

All Chats are scheduled for 5-6 PM EST


2/11/10 - Judgment and Appropriation 
with a focus on Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons (chat on 2/16)


3/18/10 - Networking and Negotiation in a Global Media Landscape (chat on 3/23)


4/15/10 - Collective Intelligence: combining expertise toward shared learning (chat on 4/20)


5/13/10 - Performance / Play (chat on 5/18)


6/10/10 -  Transmedia Navigation (chat on 6/15)


7/15/10 - Distributed Cognition (chat on 7/20)


8/12/10 - Simulation / Visualization (chat on 8/17)


9/16/10 - Multitasking (chat on 9/21)


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