[NHDOE-ETNews] Upcoming EdTech Grant Opportunities

Higgins, Cathy CHiggins at ed.state.nh.us
Tue Nov 30 21:38:39 EST 2010

The Office of Educational Technology at the NHDOE will issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) in mid-December for competitive grants to districts, under the ESEA Title II-D Program (Enhancing Education Through Technology), to support the improvement of student achievement through the use of technology in elementary and secondary schools. When available, the RFP will be posted on the NHDOE website and also at www.nheon.org/oet/nclb. 

Here is a TENTATIVE timeline:

12/15/2010 - OET releases RFP 
Dec to Feb - OET hosts weekly grant writing webinars at 9AM and 3PM on designated Wednesdays
2/28/2011 - Districts submit proposals for funding 
3/28/2011 - OET announces awards 
4/8/2011 - First professional development event 
Summer 2011 - Summer professional development activities (selections)
Fall 2011 - Classroom implementation period begins
11/29 – 12/1 - McAuliffe Technology Conference presentations 
Winter 2011-12 - Projects continue
Spring 2012 - Projects end
Due to federal program budget cuts, only $480,000 will be available this year for Title II-D grants. 
Two grant types -- the Tech Leader Cohort (TLC) and the Classroom Technology Mini-Grants – will be funded in the amount of $10,000 per grant to school districts to support the professional development of teachers and administrators and the integration of technology into instruction, in order to advance student learning. Approximately $300,000 will fund 10 to 20 grants for each grant type.

A third grant type – Digital Resources Consortium Grant will provide funding to assist multiple districts (part or all of the state’s districts) in planning for and acquiring digital resources to support a 21st century learning environment. Grant funds may be used to purchase a statewide installation of resources such as Sakai or Moodle systems, online content collections, and other education resources. Approximately $180,000 will fund a Digital Resources Consortium grant.

Things to consider: 

Higher poverty districts (as determined by federal program guidelines) may apply for one or both grant types and may submit applications individually or as consortium applications. 

Proposals which show evidence of substantive collaboration with a higher education institution will receive extra points. (See www.nhsummit.org) 

Proposals which show evidence of the incorporation of new media literacy skills into instructional activities will receive extra points. (See www.newmedialiteracies.org) 

Proposals which leverage the grant to achieve longer term successes in transforming the educational landscape will receive extra points. 

Proposals which show evidence of deep understanding of project based learning, constructivist learning, transformative 21st century learning approaches will receive extra points.

Webinars will assist interested districts to better understand the grant parameters and possibilities. All webinar dates will be posted at www.nheon.org/oet/nclb. 


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