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Wed Sep 8 13:59:22 EDT 2010

The Digital Wish Foundation is offering the possibility of a complete
classroom technology makeover, valued at $10,000. Read all the details
in the 9-1-2010 press release included below. 


They are requesting teachers to vote for Digital Wish to win the Pepsi
Refresh Project: http://www.refresheverything.com/digitalwish
or Text 102499 to Pepsi (73774)



Make Technology Wishes Come True for 500 US Classrooms -- Vote for
Digital Wish in the Pepsi Refresh Project! 

Manchester Center, VT, September 1, 2010 - Your votes are needed to help
Digital Wish make technology wishes come true for over 500 US
classrooms. In order to win the funding required to grant these wishes,
Digital Wish must generate the most votes in the month of September and
finish as one of the top two $250,000 awardees in Pepsi Refresh, at
<http://www.refresheverything.com/digitalwish>  .  If Digital Wish wins,
US classrooms win!   Digital Wish will use the proceeds to make
technology wishes come true for 500 classrooms, and then construct an
online showcase where schools can share their best projects. The
classrooms that generate the most votes for Digital Wish will be awarded
a complete classroom technology makeover, valued at $10,000. Supporters
are encouraged to vote every day throughout the month of September.
Every teacher's profile on Digital Wish contains a direct link to the
Pepsi Refresh site.  Teachers are encouraged to invite their parent and
student networks to visit their Digital Wish profile and follow the
voting link to the Pepsi Refresh site. We count every vote. The more
votes teachers generate through their Digital Wish profile, the higher
their ranking, and the bigger wish they will have granted should Digital
Wish win!  
The three teachers who garner the most votes throughout the month of
September will receive complete classroom technology makeovers valued at
$10,000 if Digital Wish wins.  The four teachers with the next highest
amount of votes will have their wishes of up to $5,000 granted.  After
that, 100 teachers will have $500 in wishes granted, and 400 more
educators will have $250 wishes granted.  New technology from Digital
Wish's extensive online catalog will be used to fulfill these wishes.
With multiple exclusive deals with leading technology manufacturers,
Digital Wish is the premiere source for educational technology.

These 507 classrooms will only have their wishes fulfilled if Digital
Wish ranks in the top two for the month of September on Pepsi Refresh.
If you would like to help Digital Wish's cause, you can either vote for
them directly at www.PepsiRefresh.com <http://www.pepsirefresh.com/>
<http://www.pepsirefresh.com/>  /DigitalWish, or you can visit the
Digital Wish homepage at www.digitalwish.org
<http://www.digitalwish.org/> <http://www.digitalwish.org/>  to find
your favorite teacher and help grant their classroom technology wish by
clicking on the Pepsi Refresh button from their profile.  One vote is
allowed per day, so return often to help Digital Wish and your favorite
classroom get new technology.

According to Digital Wish's Founder and Executive Director Heather
Chirtea, "Every classroom teacher has a huge network of parents and
students who care about technology. If even a handful of people from
those networks vote, Digital Wish will be able to enhance learning for
thousands of students nationwide. Together we can spark a wave of
technological upgrades and inspire teachers to refresh their

Digital Wish hopes back-to-school excitement will fuel their campaign
with fresh energy and propel them to victory.  "We couldn't have asked
for a better time to be campaigning for this project than right now,"
said Chirtea.  "This could start the school year off right for many
classrooms that suffer from a shortfall of new technology."

About Digital Wish
Digital Wish is a non-profit on a mission to solve technology shortfalls
in American classrooms. Educators build technology wish lists and
describe how each resource will be utilized. Classroom stories are
posted online, for review by any donor. Teachers can fundraise for
technology or browse a free lesson plan library to find curriculum
ideas.  Digital Wish works with many institutions to set up cost-free
grant programs for schools, and matches every donation with an
additional 2%-10% in funding. Visit www.digitalwish.org.

Media Contact: John Sullivan 
Digital Wish, PO Box 1072, Manchester Center, VT 05255
Telephone: (802) 375-6721 Ext. 210 Fax: (802) 375-6860
Email Address: john at digitalwish.org
Website: http://www.digitalwish.org





Cathy Higgins, Ed.D.

State Educational Technology Director

Office of Educational Technology

New Hampshire Department of Education

Email: chiggins at ed.state.nh.us

Phone: 603.271.2453

Web: http://www.nheon.org/oet/ and


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