[NHDOE-ETNews] Equipment Purchased by Federal Grants Must be Tagged

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Districts that receives federal grants from the Enhancing Education
Through Technology (NCLB Title II-D) Program are required to add an
equipment inventory tag to all grant purchased equipment. District may
either use their own tags or request tags from the Office of Educational
Technology at the NH Department of Education. Please review the enclosed
excerpts from the guidelines in the NHDOE Federal Funds Handbook. A
complete copy of the handbook is available for download at:
To request equipment inventory tags from NHDOE for ed tech grants, go to
this online form: 
Equipment Inventory Tags - Request Form
Equipment means tangible personal property having an acquisition cost of
$100 or more per unit, and a useful life of more than one year.
Acquisition cost means the net invoice price of the property, including
any attachments and accessories to make the property usable for the
purpose for which it was acquired. Auxiliary charges, such as taxes,
freight, or installation shall be included in, or excluded from,
acquisition cost in accordance with the recipient's regular accounting
6. a. Individual property records must be accurately maintained and
contain the following:
(1) Local identification number; and
(2) A description of the property,
(3) Manufacturer's serial number or other identification number,
(4) Acquisition date and cost.
(5) Federal project title and project number,
(6) Vendor name.
(7) Percentage of federal funds used in the purchase of the property,
(8) Location, use, and condition of the property and date information
was reported; and
(9) Ultimate disposition data, including the sale price or the method
used to determine current
fair market value.
b. A physical inventory of property must be taken, and results
reconciled with the property records annually to verify the existence,
current utilization, and continued need for the property. This physical
inventory must be documented, dated, and identified to the person
conducting the inventory. Differences shall be investigated and
documented to show cause.
c. Adequate maintenance procedures shall be implemented to keep the
property in good condition.
d. A control system shall be in effect to insure adequate safeguards to
prevent loss, damage, or theft of the property. Any loss, damage, or
theft shall be investigated and fully documented. The recipient must
replace or repair property that is lost, damaged, or destroyed due to
negligence of the recipient, with funds other than federal funds.
e. Proper sales procedures shall be established for unneeded property,
which will provide for competition to the extent practicable and result
in the highest possible return. Note: Chapter 14 contains further
information pertaining to this requirement.
f. Equipment must normally be used in the project for which it was
acquired. If other use is made of the equipment, written approval must
be obtained from the SEA.
Reference: 34 CFR 80.32





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