[NHDOE-ETNews] Updated Did You Know? videos

Higgins, Cathy CHiggins at ed.state.nh.us
Mon Aug 8 12:08:16 EDT 2011

Scott McLeod has been doing some wonderful work with school
administrators. A video which  he co-created called "Did You Know?
(Shift Happens)" has circulated within the education community for a few
years now and "gone viral." It has been updated a few times along the
way, so if you've seen it more than once, you may have seen a different
version each time. 

They've just updated it again to create one specifically for the state
of Iowa. As Scott notes, "Iowa, Did You Know?
<http://www.iowafuture.org/2011/08/04/iowa-did-you-know/>  is aimed at
Iowa policymakers, citizens, and educators and is intended to help them
feel a greater sense of urgency when it comes to changing our schools."

I highly recommend watching: http://bigthink.com/ideas/39600

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