[NHDOE-ETNews] Webinars to learn more about upcoming ed tech grants process

Higgins, Cathy CHiggins at ed.state.nh.us
Tue Jan 18 13:30:18 EST 2011

Two webinars are scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, January 19th for
anyone interested in learning more about the upcoming NCLB Title IID
grants process for ed tech grants. There will be three different grant
types which district teams can apply for:

1 - Classroom Tech Mini-grants (several will be awarded)
2 - Tech Leaders (several school teams, preferably working as consortium
organized by a PD Center)
3 - Digital Resources Consortium (one grant to work with all interested
districts with one district as fiscal agent and lead)

Please visit www.nheon.org/oet/nclb to register for the webinar and view
more information about this process. 


Cathy Higgins, Ed.D.
State Educational Technology Director
Office of Educational Technology
New Hampshire Department of Education
Email: chiggins at ed.state.nh.us
Phone: 603.271.2453
Web: http://www.nheon.org/oet/ and

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