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Higgins, Cathy CHiggins at ed.state.nh.us
Wed Jan 19 08:22:28 EST 2011


The Office of Educational Technology at the NHDOE will issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) this year for competitive grants to eligible districts, under the ESEA Title II-D Program (Enhancing Education Through Technology), to support the improvement of student achievement through the use of technology in elementary and secondary schools. A total of approximately $480,000 will be available this year for three types of Title II-D grants: 

Technology Leader Cohort (TLC) Program for Teachers and Administrators (15-20 school teams)
Classroom Technology Mini-Grants (15-20 school teams)
Digital Resources Consortium Grant (one grant award to serve multiple districts)


12/15/2010 - NHDOE-OET releases first draft of RFP. Please note that this draft is intended to promote discussion of essential and targeted features and responsibilities, increase district understanding of grant expectations, and assist districts in the grant writing process. 

Dec to Feb Grant writing webinars on the following Wednesdays: 
	Dec 15 at 9am and 3pm – Discuss all 3 types: TLC, Minigrant, Consortium 
	Dec 22 at 9am and 3pm – Discuss all 3 types: Minigrant, TLC, Consortium 
	Jan 19 at 9am and 3pm – Discuss all 3 types: Consortium, Minigrant, TLC 
	Jan 26 at 9am and 3pm – This session takes place after the official RFP is released. 

Any NH educator may participate in any or all of these webinars. About 20 minutes of each webinar will be spent discussing each of the 3 grant types. All you need is your computer and web browser, plus speakers and a microphone. If you don‟t have a mic, you can still participate in the dialogue using the text chat area on the webinar screen. To join the webinar: http://nheon.org/oet/nclb 

1/20/2011 - NHDOE-OET releases official RFP 
1/26/2011 - Grant writing webinar for final questions about RFP 
2/14/2011 - Grant proposals due by 4 PM 
3/14/2011 - NHDOE-OET announces awards 
4/8/2011 - First professional development event: LESCN Educating 21st Century Learners 
Location/Time: Church Landing in Meredith, NH from 8:30 to 3:30 

Spring 2011 - First series of Phase I meetings & webinars for Digital Resources Consortium 
Summer 2011 - Summer PD activities (selected list to be provided); DR Consortium Phase I concludes
Fall 2011 - DR Consortium Phase II begins; Classroom implementation period begins 

11/29 –12/1 - McAuliffe Technology Conference – Project Team Presentations / Facilitation 
Spring 2010 - Projects end (March 31st or June 30th) 


Technology Leader Cohort (TLC) Program for Teachers and Administrators – Grants will be funded for school teams to participate in this statewide educational technology leadership development program. Maximum awards of $10,000 per school team will support online and on-site learning, equipment, and related expenses. Additional review points are possible for quality consortium proposals of multiple teams from regional PD centers, with substantive involvement of NH educator preparation programs. Program features include teacher stipends, an iPad for each administrator, choice of an iPad or 3 iPod Touches for each teacher on the team, and online and face to face events. Program content will focus on the acquisition of media literacies to support digital age learners. We anticipate awarding up to $200,000 for 15-20 school teams to participate.

Classroom Technology Mini-Grants will be funded for school teams to participate in this statewide program to provide schools teams with digital tools, strategies, and related support for project based learning activities to advance student learning. Additional review points are possible for those teams new to the mini-grant program. Involvement of NH educator preparation programs is encouraged. Maximum awards of $10,000 per school team will be available. Up to $200,000 will be reserved for 15-20 school teams to participate.

One grant for a Digital Resources Consortium will provide funding to one district acting as coordinator and fiscal agent to work with multiple districts (part or all of the state‟s districts) in planning for and acquiring digital resources to support a 21st century learning environment. Up to $200,000 will fund a Digital Resources Consortium grant, awarded in two phases.

Join one of the webinars today to learn more, ask questions, and more. Visit www.nheon.org/oet/nclb to register for the webinar. You will receive the webinar link in your email. All you need is an internet browser and speakers to participate!


Cathy Higgins, Ed.D.
State Educational Technology Director
Office of Educational Technology
New Hampshire Department of Education
Email: chiggins at ed.state.nh.us
Phone: 603.271.2453
Web: http://www.nheon.org/oet/ and http://education.nh.gov/instruction/ed_tech

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