[NHDOE-ETNews] Clarification for Tech Coordinators on Spring Title II-D Evaluation Data Collection

Higgins, Cathy CHiggins at ed.state.nh.us
Mon May 16 09:21:45 EDT 2011

If you are a tech coordinator at a district that received a Title II-D
Ed Tech grant last year (stimulus, minigrant, or TLC team), please read
the message below from our external evaluators. They are assisting with
the tech surveys and other data collection, which some of you have
recently asked about. You may have already received this message, so
please excuse if it's a duplication.




Cathy Higgins, Ed.D.

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Hi Everyone, 


I've received several questions regarding data completion for the
multiple grant types (i.e., ARRA, TLC, and mini-grants).  If your school
or district only received an ARRA grant, then please disregard this
message; however, for those of you that received more than one grant,
you have probably received multiple emails requesting the completion of
the STaR Chart and Case Study Forms (as those crossover between the
grant types).  I hope this clarifies how to complete the STaR Charts and
Case Study Forms (and how many need to be completed).  Also, please note
that we are asking for grantees to complete the evaluation instruments
for the grants awarded in 2009-10, even though the grant periods for the
TLC and mini-grants has ended.  


* STaR Charts are school- and district-specific (in that the type of
grant doesn't matter), so grantee districts only need to fill out one
STaR Chart per participating school (in any of the three grant types)
and one STaR Chart that aggregates across the district.  For example, if
a district has two schools participating in the ARRA grant, and the same
two schools participated in a 2009-10 TLC grant, that district will need
to submit 3 STaR charts (one for each of the two schools, and one at the
district level that aggregates across all schools, including non-grantee
schools).  For another example, if a district has one school
participating in an ARRA grant, one school participating in a TLC grant,
and one school participating in the mini-grant (each grants at separate
schools, say an Elementary, Middle, and High School), then that district
needs to submit 4 STaR Charts (one for each of the three participating
schools, and one at the district-level that aggregates across all
schools in the district).  


* Case Study Forms are grant-specific.  Therefore, no matter how many
schools within a district participated in a particular grant, one case
study form must be filled out per grant type per district.  For example,
if a district received an ARRA grant, a TLC grant, and a mini-grant,
that district needs to submit 3 separate Case Study Forms (even if one
school received all three grants).  


I do realize that this final round of data collection is more confusing
with the crossover of some instrumentation and grant types, so please
continue to ask questions as they arise.  






Rachel King Gibson, MA

Research Analyst

Hezel Associates, LLC

731 James St., Suite 300

Syracuse, NY 13203

315-422-3512, ext. 216

315-422-3513 (fax)

rachel at hezel.com



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