[NHDOE-ETNews] ETNews: SBAC Technology Readiness Tool updates after user release on March 28.

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Technology Readiness Tool Updates


Notices went out to all principal and superintendents in NH on
Wednesday, March 28, when they were set up as users in the Tech
Readiness Tool. 


If your principal and/or superintendent did not receive an invitation
from the Readiness Tool, please let us know, so we can get you set up
into the tool as quickly as possible.  Please check your spam filters,
or security settings to make sure you can receive bulk emails from
doe.nh.gov (DOE updates) and pearsonaiddevelopment.com (tool user


Below are a few specifics that were sent to all principals and
superintendents to consider when they set up Readiness Tool user teams
at your schools and districts.

*         The Assess4Ed site and the Readiness Tool site are two
different places.  You can ask people to go to Assess4Ed and set up a
profile and use the site.  But you have to set up a user account on the
Readiness Tool for your people. They can't access until you give them
permission to do so.

*         Grant user access to your IT / Tech Director.  The person
responsible for maintain the system and creating the tech budget would
find access handy.

*         Pass along any information you have received from either NH
DOE or the Assess4Ed site along with your user access.  New users might
find the information shared with you helpful in understanding the
purpose and process for the Readiness Tool.

*         The NHDOE has already uploaded the "users" and "organizations"
files into the tool. Your districts and schools are responsible for the
"school survey" and "devise" files.  There are new files and
instructions in the Readiness Tool.  The files uploaded to the NH group
site on Assess4Ed are older versions.

*         You can assign as many school level users as you want.  You
may want to share the use of the tool with a variety of people on your
preparedness team so that your schools can benefit from the
collaborative approach.

*         The tool will be open for six windows over the next three
years.  This window is open until June 14th.  It will collect baseline
data.  Upcoming windows will we used to update data already existing in
the system.  Try to get as much data into the system as you can now for
smoother updates later.

As always, you may have to initiate conversation with your
administrators to get things moving.  They may need help establishing
users or getting their own user profile established.  



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