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Today on the ETNews Listserv


Device File template and layout files have been updated.

In response to feedback received from the consortia members and State
Readiness Coordinators, we have revised the Device file layout and
template. The revised documents can be accessed on the Home page of the
Technology Readiness Tool after logging in to www.TechReadiness.org and
at www.assess4ed.net in the private group for SRCs.


The following change has been made:

The Device File Layout and Template now includes an additional option
for the Operating System field. Users can identify the Operating System
as Google Chrome in addition to the previously identified options.


If you have formatted files using the previously posted layout, you do
not necessarily need to recreate your files. Data that has already been
uploaded does not need to be edited unless you would like to change a
device's designation of operating system. If you would like to change a
previously uploaded device's operating system to Google Chrome, you may
do so through the Devices Inventory/Edit Devices screen rather than via
an upload if you prefer. The Frequently Asked Questions will be updated
to reflect that data will not need to be revised to respond to this
change or the recent addition of Thin Client/VDI and Other to the device
type options.


Thank you,

Technology Readiness Tool Program Team

TechReadinessTool at Pearson.com


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