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ITEM:  Technology Guidelines for Online Assessment Released!


The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium has released a technology
strategy framework that describes minimum hardware specifications and
basic bandwidth calculations for the implementation of the Smarter
Balanced assessments during the 2014 - 15 school year.  These minimum
requirements will support the deployment of an innovative assessment
system that will measure the depth and breadth of the Common Core State
Standards.  Smarter Balanced estimates that the majority of schools and
districts in member states will be able to successfully administer the
assessments with their existing infrastructure.


The technology strategy framework was developed in collaboration with
Smarter Balanced member states, work groups, and the Consortium's test
delivery service provider.  Data from the Technology Readiness Tool
provided baseline information about the infrastructure available in
schools across Smarter Balanced member states.


The technology strategy framework and a Q & A is currently available on
the Smarter Balanced Web site
>  (www.smarterbalanced.org/smarter-balanced-assessments/technology).
On December 5, users will be able to access an online tool to check
school bandwidth and estimate the number of students who can test


When reviewing this framework, it is important to note that the minimum
requirements apply only to the Smarter Balanced assessments and should
not be considered minimum specifications to support instruction. 

It is very important to keep information updated on the Technology
Readiness Tool since the tool will be populated with these
specifications to allow districts to conduct a gap analysis in January.
At that time, you will be able to get a "tech readiness index" based on
a comparison between your existing conditions and the minimum

The Office of Educational Technology and the NH Department of Education
recommends that you input your information into the Technology Readiness
Tool as soon as possible and check back in January to determine your
readiness index.  Readiness information should be used to construct your
technology budget and plans for the coming year.  



*         NH Technology Readiness -- www.nheon.org/oet/readiness/  on

*         Assess4Ed - www.assess4ed.net  join the NH Group

*         Technology Readiness Tool   --  www.techreadiness.net  (login

*         Technology Requirements -



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