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ITEM:  New Hampshire Audio Book Services, One FREE single license of
Read & Write Gold for Schools!


The New Hampshire Audio Book Services for Elementary and Secondary
School Textbooks through the NH Department of Education is providing NH
schools with free software, to provide schools with a free Alternative
Text Station to create and provide audio versions of textbooks. This
program was developed to help schools provide audio versions of books
and learning materials to students who qualify. The software license is
free, and you will NOT be required to purchase any additional equipment.

Currently NH authorizes Bookshare to provide audio and digital formatted
books to students in school and at home, for FREE. Free text-to-speech
software with synchronized highlighting is available from Bookshare. NH
also promotes FREE digital audio books from OverDrive. When a book is
NOT available at Bookshare or OverDrive, you can contact Diana
Petschauer, NHAIM and NH audiobooks provider, to get the file from the
NIMAC to Bookshare. This conversion may take 7 days to a few weeks. Now,
while you are waiting, you can make accessible textbooks and handouts
immediately for your students, using Read and Write Gold software at an
Alternative Text Station in your school. You will NOT be required to
purchase any additional equipment. The Alternative Text Station can be
set up at a computer currently in your school with connection to a

One free license of Read and Write Gold literacy software will be
provided to schools to scan books, handouts, and other learning
materials, with built-in OCR (optical character recognition), so the
student(s) can use the accessible format with a screen reader and
highlighting for audio input. 

This will ensure that the students have access to the same books and
learning materials as their peers. Read and Write Gold scans right to a
word document, or a PDF, depending on the method your student will use
to read it; it may be software or an app.

A state-wide training is being scheduled for January, for you to learn
how to use Read and Write Gold and set up your Alternative Text Station.
Upon attending this training, you or the representative from your school
with receive your free single  license of Read and Write Gold. You will
learn how a few model schools in NH already have this in place for use!
You will also learn about local colleges and Universities who have this
program in place, which will ensure successful transition to
post-secondary education for students.

Regional and district trainings will be scheduled as follow-up, as well
as webinars for professional development. We are also continuing to
provide FREE hands-on training and workshops for educators to use
Bookshare and Overdrive. Please contact Diana Petschauer for further
information regarding training, at DP.ATSpecialist at gmail.com

This is a very exciting opportunity for NH schools! Please be aware of
all emails sent to you via NH audiobooks in the next few weeks, as we
will be announcing the state-wide training and asking you to register. 

We look forward to assisting your districts and appreciate your

Kind Regards,

Diana Petschauer

Diana Petschauer,M.Ed., ATP

Assistive Technology Professional, RESNA certified
Assistive Technology for Education,LLC

P.O. Box 1652 Alton, NH 03809

(603) 998-4980 <tel:%28603%29%20998-4980> 

NHAIM <http://www.education.nh.gov/instruction/special_ed/nhaim.htm>
(Accessible Instructional Materials program)

NH Audiobooks Provider

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