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ITEM:  December Tech Readiness Tool Update


The next data extraction from the Technology Readiness Tool is Friday,
Deember 14th.

Since the reset of your submission status in OCtober, only 19% of NH
schools have submitted their data into the tool for extraction by SBAC.


At the July extraction date, we had 45% of schools and by the time of
the submission status reset in October, we had increased that number to
54%.  So I know that there is data in the tool for 54% of the schools at
the very least!  But it will not be counted in the upcoming extraction
unless you update your submission status and "resubmit".  Please, if you
have entered data into the technology readiness tool in the past, make
sure you submit for review.

If you haven't entered data into the tool at all, please upload it into
the tool as soon as you can.  Even if you don't make the extraction
deadline, it is important to get your data into the tool for review.


The guidelines for the online assessment are available.  In January,
they will be uploaded into the tool and your currently displayed TBD,
will show up as a readiness index.  You can use that index to plan for
what you need in preparation for the online assessments.  But really,
the readiness you need in terms of technology is for teaching your
students.  Students will not be ready for online testing, regardless of
your readiness score, unless you teach them using technology.  In that
regard, the tool is incredibly useful as a means of determining how
technology is used to teach your students the 21st Century skills they
will need to compete in the global economy of the future.


Please log into the tool and update your data.  Answer all the questions
on both surveys.  And submit your data for review when completed.  Let
me know if I can be of any help.


For more information, visit these important links:  

*	NH Technology Readiness -- www.nheon.org/oet/readiness/  on
*	Assess4Ed - www.assess4ed.net  join the NH Group
*	Technology Readiness Tool   --  www.techreadiness.net  (login
*	Technology Requirements -



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