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Interesting article from "edtech digest":


How Education Fails Technology (And What to Do About It)

Education has failed technology. Yes, you read that correctly. Education
has failed technology.

To understand why this is, not vice versa, requires understanding what
the research literature makes clear: It is possible to get all children
learning at levels beyond their respective aptitudes. The same
literature, however, makes clear that such levels of learning rarely
occur outside one-to-one tutoring settings. Let's unpack these seemingly
contradictory statements to shed light on why education has failed
technology and what we can do about it.

Nearly three decades ago, Benjamin Bloom (author of Taxonomy of
Educational Objectives
/0582280109> ) led a research effort to find methods of group
instruction that were as effective as one-to-one tutoring through which
students performed two standard deviations higher than their classroom
educated peers. Bloom named the target of his search the 2-sigma problem
<http://www.jstor.org/pss/1175554> . The research-based solution he
found was simple, yet profound. If certain instructional practices are
used and specific conditions met then one teacher, instructing a group
of students in a classroom, could help the students attain 2-sigma. The
practices he identified that make 2-sigma possible include
reinforcement, cues and explanations, corrective feedback, and
cooperative learning. The conditions include student
classroom-participation, student time on task, and classroom morale.


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