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Hi Folks,


Many of you are requesting Word documents for the surveys, like were
posted in for past surveys.  In the interest of time, this year, we are
simplifying the data we need from you.  So I don't think you will need
Word versions of the questions.  We need this data by January 18th, if
possible, so we're keeping the questions simple!  J


The USDOE requires four sets of data for each school/district in New


1.     Technology Integration Status 

2.     Personnel Skilled in Technology 

These are REQUIRED for all DISTRICTS that received $25,000 in Title IID
funding this past year. You must submit this data for the district.

We ask that all districts submit these data if they have it available,
regardless of your Title IID funding status.


3.     Eighth Grade Technology Literacy Status 

This is REQUIRED for all DISTRICTS. You must submit this data for your


4.     Internet Access  is REQUIRED for all SCHOOLS in your district. 


District Level survey link:

This will satisfy data sets #1, #2, and #3.  Please complete one survey
for each district.

School Level survey link:

This will satisfy data set #4.  Please complete one survey for each
school in your district, or send the link to a responsible person in
that school and ask that they complete it.


There are only 4 questions total in these surveys that we are asking at
this time.  We didn't prepare the large surveys!  We are just collecting
what we need for the USDOE right now.


If you want to know the questions in advance, this chart might help.
Here are the four pieces of data we are asking for. The choices for your
responses are listed in the Categories column.  We will need the number
of people in each category by school or district.

Report Level

Reporting Period



ALL Schools

As of 10/1/2010

-Computers = High Speed
-Computers = Dialup
-Other Devices = High Speed
-Other Devices = Dialup

The unduplicated number of computers and other devices connected to the
internet and used primarily by students for instructional purposes that
are provided by the school or district. 

ALL Districts

By the end of the 2010/2011 school year

-Technologically Literate
-Not Technologically Literate

The number of 8th grade students who were technologically literate vs.
the number of 8th grade students who were not technologically literate.

Title IID Districts that rec'd more than $25K

During the 2010/2011 school year 

-Fully Integrates 

To what extent did the LEA effectively and fully integrate technology
into the curricula and instruction in all school to enhance teaching &
learning?  (All districts that did not receive at least $25K in Title
IID money will be listed as "Not Required").

Title IID Districts that rec'd more than $25K

Beginning of 2010 school year - December 31st, 2010

-All Teachers = Met
-All Teachers = Did Not Meet
-Librarians/Media Specialists = Met
-Librarians/Media Specialists = Did Not Meet
-School Administrators = Met
-School Administrators = Did Not Meet

The unduplicated headcount of school personnel assessed against the
standards-based performance profiles of technology users skills as
defined by the state.  Report on all full-time staff.


The first two questions are for every district, first one by school
(school survey) and second one by district (district survey).

The third and fourth questions are only for districts that received
$25,000 or more in Title IID funds, although we'd appreciate all answers
as it does provide us with valuable data!  J


While our deadline is January 17th, if you need more time to compile the
data, please let me know.  We will keep the surveys open to collect as
much of the data as possible.


Hope that helps.  Let me know if you need anything else, or have further




Stan Freeda

Educational Technology and Online Learning

NH Department of Education

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