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Tech Readiness Tool for Smarter Balanced Online Assessment Preparation


Yesterday, all superintendents and principals were added as users in the
Readiness Tool.  Your administrators may need you guidance to complete
this process.  An email was sent to them from the Readiness Tool itself,
with a key to get in and establish a password.  They will have
permissions to set up user profiles for those of you who will be
responsible for the data entry.  Please follow through with your
administrators as soon as you can to assure that you get the access you


Adding your data to the tool during this first window (April 2 - June
14) is required for establishing your school's baseline information, as
well as helping the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium understand
what is already present in the field.  This information will guide their
decisions for establishing the technology requirements for the online
testing system.


Technology Readiness Gap reporting will not be done during this first
reporting window. Without a solid baseline of existing conditions, and a
clear understanding of the requirements for online testing, reporting on
the "Readiness Gap" would be premature. The baseline data collected now
from districts and schools is required to determine the minimum
requirements for technology needed for effective online testing. The
reporting timeline for the Technology Readiness Tool will be as follows:

*         March 20-April 8: No reports will be available. The Technology
Readiness Tool has to be adjusted to address the consortia's requested

*         April 9-June 14: Data collection summaries will be available.
These reports will describe back to the district and school what was
submitted to help improve data quality and to inform Smarter Balanced
Assessment Consortium of the types of hardware and operating systems
that are currently being used in schools.

*         As Soon As Possible: For the remaining five windows, a Gap
Analysis Report will be available to schools and districts. Once the
minimum requirements are determined to be accurate and practicable.


For the five subsequent windows (each Fall and Spring through 2014) in
which the tool will be open, your baseline data will be saved and
populated in the tool when you return.  Using the tool at that time will
just be a matter of updating any changes to your conditions and
parameters in the tool.  Using the tool throughout this preparedness
period is essential for your school and district's ability to be
prepared for the online assessment in 2014.  The data returned to you
when you use the tool will be critical for your technology committee as
they develop and design your district's technology plans for the future.


The training materials are already accessible on the Assess4Ed site at 
www.assess4ed.net.  This community is open to all interested parties and
if you have not already joined the Community, you are encouraged to do
so.  Once on the Community, join the New Hampshire group for our state
updates, and the Technology Readiness Tool Public Updates group.


Online training modules are available on the Assess 4Ed site.  These
training modules will give step-by-step instructions for using the tool
and will also assist in interpreting the reports the tool can generate.
Look for an additional alert regarding the availability of these
modules.  A User's Guide and FAQ document will also be available on the
site.  The consortium is dedicated to providing essential training and
support to make this process a smooth one.

The Training Module for the tool can be accessed at:



Thank you for your efforts in supporting the successful collection of
this data. If you need additional assistance, please contact Stan Freeda
(271-5132 or Stanley.Freeda at doe.nh.gov).


Important to Note:

*         Your administrator's permissions will allow them to set up
user accounts in the tool for others in your district.  You should
contact your administrators and help them establish who your Readiness
Tool users will be and get accounts established for them so they can
also have time to familiarize themselves with the tool.

*         Training materials are available directly in the tool upon

*         The batch data input files are also available in the tool
itself.  There are templates, which are used to collect the data, and
layout files, which describe the fields and acceptable parameters for
data.   These files are in Excel, but should be converted to a comma
delimited file format for uploading.

*         The template and layout files in the tool are newer versions.
If you have downloaded files from the NH group site on Assess4Ed, or
from the Assess 4Ed site in general, prior to March 15, you should
download the newer updated versions before using them.

*         The batch files are available so you can inventory and survey
your conditions, and record them, prior to using the tool.  It is
recommended that you do that first.  Once your information is in, you
can easily edit and update your records throughout the availability of
the tool.

*         While spring and fall windows have been designated for when
the tool will be "open", it is unclear to me, whether there will be
access of some kind between windows.  I will pose that question and post
any answers that I get in the NH group site.


If you have any questions or issues, please contact me and I will do my
best to help you through this orientation period.


Good luck and best wishes!


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