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ITEM:  Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference at the Radisson Hotel &
Expo Center in Manchester 11/27-11/29


The Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference is again located in
Manchester at the Radisson Hotel & Expo Center (across from the Verizon
Center) November 27 - November 29


Registration is now open! http://nhcmtc.org/Registration/  Less than two
more weeks!!!


Not sure which day(s) to attend? Check out these teacher presentation
sessions for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!


Additional sessions are offered by our exhibitors as well - we have an
exciting collection of sessions to offer - something for everyone.



Scott Kinney
[http://www.discoveryeducation.com/speakers-bureau/scott-kinney.cfm] is
giving the keynote at 8:00 a.m. "Moving Learning... Beyond the
Information Age"



Session T1 ~ 10:30-11:30

Session T2 ~ 12:00-1:00

Session T3 ~ 1:30-2:30

Session T4 ~ 3:00-4:00

Salon A

The Digital Classroom: What Does It Look Like?
Brad Fountain T1-01

iPads, Apps, and Integration
*Celeste Best T2-01

Reading, Writing & SCIENCE! The Literacy Connection & Discovery
Brad Fountain T3-01

FREE Internet Resources for Classroom Projects
*John Fladd T4-01

Salon B

Google Apps for Edu & Haiku LMS - A Perfect "Blend" for Learning
*Andrew Gamble T1-02

Grab & Go Technology Backpack
Todd Campion, Jennifer Bradley T2-02

Preparing Your Students for Next Generation Learning
*Stan Freeda T3-02

Communicating with High School Students in the 21st Century
*Jill Pearson, Craig Sheil T4-02

Salon C

iPad Apps & Apple TV for Administrators
Tony Baldasaro T1-03

Personalize Learning to Meet the Common Core
Kathleen McClaskey T2-03 
Repeated: W3-01

The Power of Social Media For School Leaders
William Carozza, William Carozza T3-03

Apps, Apps, & More Apps! Best Apps for You & Your Students!
Karen Switzer T4-03

Salon D

Social Bookmarking for You: What is it and Why should You use it?
*Kathleen Malsbenden T1-04

What's that Black & White Squiggly Square? It's a QR Code!
*Kathleen Malsbenden T2-04

Google Apps for Edu - One Stop Shopping for All Your Portfolio Needs!
*Allison Mollica T3-04

ASSISTments, assist students as you assess them for free online.
Cristina Heffernan, Andrew Burnett T4-04

Armory Classroom

There's a FREE App for That!
*Amy Gillam T1-05 
Repeated: T4-05

A Practical Guide to Flipping the Classroom
*Mark Burkholz T2-05

"App Talk": Talking Smack About the Apps
*Jennifer Lowton, Jennifer Middaugh T3-05

There's a FREE App for That!
*Amy Gillam T4-05 
Repeated: T1-05


Cloud Computing: Hype or Help?
*Donna Zecha, Helen Burnham T1-06

Authentic STEM Learning Through Collaboration with Local Manufacturers
Jacqueline Guillette, Scott Pope T2-06

There's an App For That
*Donna Zecha, Helen Burnham T3-06

Putting Apps to the Test
*Laurie Prewandowski, Rachel Carney T4-06


Microsoft Office365 Panel Discussion
Pam McLeod T1-07

Motivating Authentic Learners with an APPle a Day
*Amanda Rhymer T2-07

Tools for Empowering 21st Century Education Leaders
Jean Tower T3-07

Click it -- That's the Ticket!
*Kerry Cook, Kristen LombardT4-07

Room 301

Technology Teachers Unite!
*Linda George T1-08

Enhancing Writing With Google Docs
*Greg Amend, Kristen AmendT2-08

Bring your students to the cloud ... going beyond Google Docs
*Rich Descoteaux, Ben ClappT3-08

The Electronic Achievement Toolbox
*Faith Olarsch T4-08

Teacher Classroom 1
Room 303

Seeing Through Wide Open Eyes, Making Movies in the K-12 Classroom
*Films by Huey T1-09

21st Century Learning in a Reading & Literacy Middle School Classroom
*Stephanie Karabaic, Allison Mollica T2-09

7 Keys to Overseeing IT Every School Administrator Should Know
Ryan Barton, Ryan RobinsonT3-09

Creating a Digitally Based Middle School History Classroom
*Liam Coyle, Allison MollicaT4-09

Teacher Classroom 2
Room 305

Music Technology Made Simple
*Catherine Dwinal T1-10

Visual Learning: Web Software for Visually Supported Access to
Joanne Roe T2-10

Aspen's One Stop Shop for Student Achievement!
*Sarah Marandos, Lisa Gingras T3-10

iPad Paperless Research Project
Greg Kulowiec T4-10

Teacher Classroom 3
Room 307

Writing Creativity for Everyone
Cyndy Currier T1-11

How Music can Connect to the World Around Us
Pam McLeod, Andrea von Oeyen T2-11

Why the Brain Matters?
Cyndy Currier, Nina Kuhn T3-11

Overcome BYOD with a Unified Cloud & Classroom Management
Cyndy Currier, Gayle Razzaboni T4-11




Angela Maiers [http://www.angelamaiers.com/] is giving the keynote at
8:00 a.m. "Habitudes of the 21st Century Learner"



Session W1 ~ 10:30-11:30

Session W2 ~ 12:00-1:00

Session W3 ~ 1:30-2:30

Session W4 ~ 3:00-4:00

Salon A

Leadership in a Digital Age - Creating a Living, Learning Plan
Angela Maiers W1-01

The Human Web
Angela Maiers W2-01

Personalize Learning to Meet the Common Core
Kathleen McClaskey W3-01 
Repeated: T2-03

Inevitable! Mass Customized Learning (MCL)
Danielle Bolduc W4-01 
Repeated: Th1-03

Salon B

Research to Practice: Apps & Online Tools to Support CCSS in Math
Kathleen McClaskey W1-02

Take the Plunge into a BYOD Classroom
*Coleen Bridle, Rebecca Sharrow W2-02

Digital Ethnographies - Writing About Community
John Martin W3-02

Students Winning in a Game-based Classroom: Pedagogy, Practice, &
*Chris Haskell, Joanna Marcotte W4-02

Salon C

Google Apps for Efficiency & Collaboration
*Robert Zeller, Craig Sheil W1-03

Why Learning Networks?
Tony Baldasaro W2-03 
Repeated: Th3-03

Gaming in the 21st Century Classroom - The New Evolution
*Brooke Petrucelli W3-03

Starting an iPad Initiative
*Celeste Best, Mark Lawrence W4-03

Salon D

Primary Sources & the iPad
*Joanne Coughlin W1-04

Integrating Google Apps into Your Classroom
*Andrea O'Neil, Susan MacMillan W2-04

Tech Tools for your Math Classroom
*Caroline Herold, Donna Dennis W3-04

Diigo: Bookmarking & Collaborating for the 21st Century
*Kathleen Malsbenden W4-04

Armory Classroom

School Apps for Keeping in Touch with Students & Parents
Glen Page W1-05

The Best Educational Ideas in the World - 21st Century Learning
*Gary Stager W2-05

A Day of Passion-based Learning & Innovation
*Stephen Gagnon, Jessica Valenti W3-05

Constructing Modern Knowledge - Teachers Reinvent Themselves
*Gary Stager W4-05


The Power of Social Media for Teachers
William Carozza, William Carozza W1-06

I Have an iPad for My Classroom, Now What?
*Helen Kelley W2-06

Promising Technologies, Creativity, & Teaching: 25 Ideas to Take Away
*Maureen Yoder W3-06

21st Century Field Trip
*Tina Overmyer, Donna Tremblay W4-06


Summing Up Certification: CoSN's Certified Education Technology Leader
Jean Tower, Annamaria Schrimpf W1-07

The Next Generation Classroom: Welcome to Your future.
*Catherine Brophy, Laura Thomas W2-07

Moving Data Effortlessly
Joshua Mulloy W3-07

Managing Google Apps for EDU
Joshua Mulloy W4-07

Room 301

The 4 C's Meets An Online Curriculum Tool
*Andrea Gardner, Meghan Walsh W1-08

Students as Mathematicians - Modeling with Technology
*Greta Mills W2-08

Using Technology to Assess Mastery of the CCSS in Mathematics
Pamela Stiles, Tara Beauchemin W3-08

Using Web 2.0 Tools to Engage Students in Mathematics
*Amanda Benware W4-08

Teacher Classroom 1
Room 303

NH Technology Planning & Review Process
*Stan Freeda W1-09

Using Blogger & a Community Read Concept for Authentic ICT Integration
*Laurie Prewandowski, Heather Bridges W2-09

Professional Learning Communities Use of ASSISTments
Suzan Gannett, Kathy BeliveauW3-09

Give the Kid the Pen - The Key to Interactivity!
*Deb Boisvert, Theresa Schneiderheinze W4-09

Teacher Classroom 2
Room 305

Using Interactive Physics Software to Discover Laws of Motion
*Dana Heath W1-10

Special Ed Apps for Elementary Students
*Renee Miller, Linda MesserW2-10

Using Apps to Close the Gaps
*Libby Curran, Mitzi SinclairW3-10

Meeting the Challenges of Independent Schools
Tim Maki W4-10

Teacher Classroom 3
Room 307

Online Books for K-8: Engaging Reading & Writing
Cyndy Currier W1-11

Protect Your Network and Computers with Ease
Cyndy Currier, Joe PlaisanceW2-11

"Tag"xedo, You're It!
*Sue Bergman W3-11

Library Media Specialists: Our Role as Leaders, The Core, Devices, OH
*Denise Trombly W4-11




Richard Byrnes [http://www.freetech4teachers.com/] is giving the keynote
at 8:00 a.m. "Everything is Free... Now What?"



Session Th1 ~ 10:00-11:00

Session Th2 ~ 11:30-12:30

Session Th3 ~ 1:00-2:00

Session Th4 ~ 2:30-3:30

Salon A

Google Across the Curriculum
*Richard Byrne Th1-01

Social Media - Employing Tools That Will Change You & Your Schools
*Patrick Larkin Th2-01 
Repeated: Th4-03

Best of the Web 2012
*Richard Byrne Th3-01


Salon B

Student Response Systems
*Jennifer Lowton Th1-02

If "Pinterest" Were a School, I Would Have Perfect Attendance!
*Sue Bergman Th2-02

Finding the Education Uses of Entertainmnet Apps
Paula Churchill, Lori LangloisTh3-02

Visualizing Student Ideas to Drive Conversations Around Inquiry Science
*Ethan Danahy, Morgan Hynes Th4-02

Salon C

Inevitable! Mass Customized Learning (MCL)
Danielle Bolduc Th1-03 
Repeated: W4-01

eBook Collaborative - Affordable ways for NH districts to share
Kent Hemingway, Danielle Bolduc Th2-03

Why Learning Networks?
Tony Baldasaro Th3-03 
Repeated: W2-03

Social Media - Employing Tools That Will Change You & Your Schools
*Patrick Larkin Th4-03 
Repeated: Th2-01

Salon D

Appin' it in Special Ed
*Karrie Welch, Craig SheilTh1-04

Preparing NH for Online Assessment: SBAC Readiness Tool & Other
*Stan Freeda Th2-04

Integrating Technology in a Science Classroom or ANY Classroom!
*Heather Brunelle, Erin MilemTh3-04

Technology-Mediated Collaboration
*Jennifer Judkins, Traci Jansen Th4-04

Armory Classroom

New NH Statewide GIS License: Why & How to Access These Resources
*Ina Ahern, Robert WoolnerTh1-05

Low Cost & No Cost Technology Integration
*Carrie Boelter, Sarah Boudreau Th2-05

Apps for the Common Core, Digital Bloom's Whiteboards, & Clickers
*Kathleen Malsbenden Th3-05

Communicating & Collaborating in the Cloud with Google Apps
Tim Maki, Paula Currie Th4-05


Technology Pitfalls: When PowerPoint Harms Student Achievement
*Naomi Schoenfeld Th1-06

Managing iPad Carts in Your School
Lee-Ann Cammett Th2-06

Creative Activities Using Google Tools
*Amy Gillam Th3-06

Integrating iPads in the Elementary Classroom
*Nicole Cassamassino, Debra Rodd Th4-06


Syncing Your Library and Technology Programs
*Dan Callahan, Laura D'EliaTh1-07

Microsoft Round Table
Pam McLeod, Matt Hickey Th2-07

Best Practices for Developing & Maintaining Your PLN
*Nicole Tomaselli, Mary Marotta Th3-07

Badges of Honor - Exploring Open Badges
John Martin Th4-07

Room 301

iPad Initiative: Is Learning with Tablets Really Better?
*Frances Keefe, Monika Bissell Th1-08

Explain (Almost) Anything with "Explain Everything" for iPad
*Michael Wakefield Th2-08

Google Apps SmackDown
*Allison Mollica, Donna DennisTh3-08

You Have a One-to-One Program, Now What?
*Kathleen Ross, Gail Thompson Th4-08

Teacher Classroom 1
Room 303

How Movies Engage & Teach Students
Cyndy Currier Th1-09

Stop the Presses!
*Judith Ferreira, Laurie Prewandowski Th2-09

Online Learning Beyond Credit Recovery
Cyndy Currier Th3-09

>From Poster to Pow!
*Paula Mercier, Lawrence Saulnier Th4-09

Teacher Classroom 2
Room 305

*Gary Engler Th1-10

GPS: Tools to Take Technology Integration Past the Computer
*David Ciarla Th2-10

BoF: NHSTE Ambassadors ~ Come See If You Are Interested
*Maria Knee Th3-10

Craters, Craters, Everywhere: Comparative Study of Terrestrial Planets
*Sally Jensen Th4-10



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