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ITEM:  SBAC Tech Readiness Tool Information and Reset Update


As of October 8, 2012, some new data fields will be added to the Smarter
Balanced Technology Readiness Tool.  These additional fields will give
you the ability to categorize organizations, show grade specific
enrollment counts, and further classify the location and ownership of
devices.  Also on this date the submission status for each school will
be reset to "no". 


Below is information provided by Pearson on how to submit this
additional data:


Review and populate fields that will be added to the data file layouts
and interface. The fields below will be added to the data file layouts
and to the Technology Readiness Tool interface by October 8. Please
include this information as you upload edited or new school survey files
and device files. To edit your current data, you may export the existing
data from the system, add the data in the new fields and re-upload the
data. See the User's Guide for more information about exporting and
importing device and school survey data. Additional information about
the following added fields will be communicated in the data file


School Survey File Layout

*         Classification of School

*         Grade Specific Enrollment Counts


Devices File Layout

*         Assessment Environment 

*         Device Owner


Confirm, update, or add your enrollment data by grade. New fields have
been created for "enrollment by grade." To assist in reporting this
information, Pearson will pre-populate these fields in the Technology
Readiness Tool in mid-October with the most recent (2010-2011 school
year) NCES data for organizations that have an exact match to the NCES
codes and organization names. LEAs and test sites should confirm or, if
more recent or accurate data is available, update the populated numbers.
The enrollment data for organizations that did not have an exact match
to the NCES data will not be populated. For these organizations, please
add the enrollment data. 


Complete your missing or blank data.  While NH had 54% of SAUs reporting
100% completed data, of those schools about half had many questions in
the device or school surveys left blank. Blank or missing data will mean
that the tool will not give you accurate determination of your
Technology Readiness.  Please take the time to complete all the
questions and enter that missing data for each of your schools.


Enter "Yes" to each school's submission status.  The Data Entry
Submission Status for all organizations has been reset to No to ensure
confirmation of your complete data set for this upcoming December 15
snapshot.  Once you have edited your devices, added the additional
information needed for devices already in the system, and updated your
school survey data, please change the Data Entry Submission Status to


Please continue to enter and update your data, old or new, any time
after October 8, but your revisions must be complete by December 14, if
they are to be counted in the next report and recorded as part of the
data snapshot taken on that date.  Smarter Balanced will publish a
report based on the December 14 data, so it is important that your
organization's information is accurate.  


Enter your Data into the Tool, if you have not used it before. Schools
and districts that have not used the tool previously, can still enter
data and have it counted in the last report.  All Superintendents and
principals were set up as users in the Tech Readiness tool at the end of
March.  Please check with an administrator and make sure they have
access.  If you need access, have your administrator set up a user
profile for you.  If you need access to your entire SAU school list,
please contact Stan Freeda (Stanley.freeda at doe.nh.gov, 603-271-5132) and
ask to be promoted.



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