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ITEM:  Collaboration Ring Leaders wanted by NH DRC


Collaboration Rings are collaborative environments set up for educators
interested in a common theme.


We currently have four Rings under development. Check them out to get a
feel for the project. 

*  4th Grade
grade>  - Edith Tatulis

*  HS Science
cience>  - Celeste Best

*  PK-1
>  - Maria Knee

*  PK-8 Science Inquiry
-science-inquirey>  - Ellen O'Donnell


We have funds to develop eleven additional Rings, but we need Ring
Leaders. Each Ring Leader will receive help setting up and designing the
Ring and a $500 payment for maintaining the Ring for the school year. Go
or read the attachment for more information. 


We would love Rings at all grade levels and subject areas. We are also
interested in Rings that address educational interests across grade
levels such as Gifted Education, Common Core, or Autism. 


We must have commitment to develop Rings by Sept 15th so that we will be
able to set them up and pay the stipend by September 30. Please email me
<mailto:dboisvert at sau53.org>  if you have questions or are interested in
helping out or would like to join one of the existing Rings as a



What is a Collaboration Ring? - An initiative of nhdrc.org

A Collaboration Ring is a group of teachers who are interested in
working with other teachers and classrooms with similar

focus or interest. This could be a group formed along traditional grade
level and subject lines or by other concepts such as

Project Based learning or Bring your Own Devices. Participants are
connected with a Google Site and Google Group to

get help, share resources or develop shared projects.

We are currently have leaders who are interested in developing
Collaboration Rings for the 4th grade- self contained

classroom and for K-8 Science Inquiry. As volunteers step forward we
will color and link the chart below so that others can

link to the leaders contact information, the Google Site and Group. If
you are interested in helping develop one of these

Rings or have ideas for another please email dboisvert at sau53.org.

We are looking for leaders for Collaborative Rings. NHDRC will take
responsibility for:

o Publicizing the Collaborative Ring to

gather membership,

o Creating a Google Group (like a list serve)

for communication,

o Creating a basic Google Site for posting

projects and resources,

o Offering ideas for collaborative projects,

o Providing leader with support in using

these tools, and

o Compensating the "Ring" leader with $500

in gift cards.



The Responsibility of a leader would be to :

* Moderate the Google Group,

* Reach out to interested participants with at least two posts a month
on the Group or Site,

* Customize the Google Site to meet the needs of the groups interest,

* Post relevant links and at least one collaborative project on the Site

The Digital Resources Consortium's (DRC) mission is develop professional
development, training and provide tools to help

schools reach their 21st Century potential. Go to http://nhdrc.org for
details about other project initiatives.



Please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested.



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