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ITEM:  Free program in Engineering and Computer Science

In realizing the critical role you play in determining which informal
STEM education resources may be of value to your technology
educators/teachers in your state, I ask you to consider the following
FREE program from the University of Central Florida's College of
Engineering and Computer Science (UCF-CECS).  It was built to provide
students in grades 3-12 with a real world research experience using IT
tools while teaching them how to innovate solutions and develop
important thinking skills.  Our program, the Internet Science and
Technology Fair (ISTF) was showcased earlier this year in the National
Science Teachers Association Reporter along with Google's virtual
science fair and Canadian science fair at


The ISTF focuses on students in grades 3-12.  For a period of four
months, they use information technology (IT) tools to communicate,
research, collaborate and design innovative solutions to real world
problems while adhering to content guidelines based on national science
content standards.  They are also required to locate and collaborate
with online technical professionals as student team tech advisors.  At
the end of February 2013, they will submit their research findings in a
website format for preliminary and national rounds of judging.   To get
a better idea of what our teams are capable of accomplishing, please
take a look at the press release from last year at
nnouncement.pdf .  We congratulate the students and thank their teachers
and technical professionals for a job well done!


We are seeking technology teachers who may wish to involve one or more
student teams from their school in our 2012-2013 ISTF Competition.
Please have interested educators contact me at bruce.furino at ucf.edu for
additional details or they can go to our website at http://istf.ucf.edu
for particulars.  Student team enrollment begins October 2012 so now is
the time to get schools involved!  On behalf of UCF-CECS, we thank you
for considering this request and sharing it with schools in your state.


Bruce Furino 

Director, CECS Outreach

College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS)

University of Central Florida 

E-mail:  bruce.furino at ucf.edu  





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