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ITEM:  Middle School Cyberlearning Grant Opportunity


The philanthropic, non-profit organization Cyberlearning.org has a grant
available to one middle school in the State of New Hampshire to set up
an online, distance learning Academy.  This is a $100 million nationwide
grant opportunity available to one recipient middle school in New
Hampshire.   The Organization was set up in 1993 to help disadvantaged
schools (usually schools who have 35% of students on free or reduced
cost lunch).  But in order to take advantage of our program, the schools
must have the ability to implement our program.  They must have
computers in the classroom or the ability to take computer labs.  They
are looking for interested districts that meet these requirements.  


If your district is interested, please let me know your district and
send a contact person's email address to me.  I will submit your names,
and you will  be asked to fill out an application.  One NH Middle School
will be provided with a grant.  This is not a substitute for your
classes, but is in addition to them.  Our courses meet the core
requirements and standards of learning.  


I will also attach a pdf of a presentation if you are interested in
learning more.  Here is a summary of the materials.  


K-12 STEM+ Academy: 


1)    100% grant for courses including Pearson SuccessMaker and NovaNET,
ranked at the top by the U.S. Education Dept. (Pearson sells these
courses for $150 per student, per course, per year.)

2)    100% grant for the Total Solution Site License ISL-MM-TT services
including Individualized learning, Stipends for the academy director and
teachers, Learning Management system,  Mentoring, Motivational rewards
such as iPods, Teacher training, Tech support. (We send a team from
State University of NY to help your Academy director to implement) 

3)    100% grant for a Parent Academy to provide free training for
parents in 60 IT and Business certifications from the very basic
Microsoft Office to the very advanced Internet Security and Project
Management. NEF is doing so, since NEF believes that parent involvement
is crucial for student progress. (We set up a virtual academy for
parents and fund classroom help sessions on weekends)




Our STEM+ academy program consists of the following online Web-based
courses, many of which are rated at the top by the U.S. Education


1)      Pearson SuccessMaker (K-8  School ELA and Math)


2)       Pearson NovaNET (9-12 School ELA,  Math, Science, Social


3)       Barrons Education:  SAT/ACT: Top-rated test prep course


4)      CyberLearning: Digital Literacy -- universally acclaimed course
mandated by NCLB for all 8th graders, and systems engineering


5)      Mindleaders IT: The top-rated 5,000  IT (Information Technology)
courses include 60 internationally recognized certifications in
Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe, Oracle, IT Security, Web Design, Networking,
A+, Net+, Security+ etc., and cover all IT topics from the basic
Microsoft Office to the advanced Internet Security


6)      Mindleaders Business and Management: The top-rated 500 business
and management courses and videos include personal development, project
management, PMP (Project Management Professional) and other Project
Management certifications, certification, business, management,
business math, , business skills videos by experts etc.  


7)      Parent Academy: Using all of the MindLeader courses



PERFORMANCE:  A  student can advance a grade level in math or reading in
20-30 learning hours in our Total Solution system.


If you have any questions, please call Margaret Kale at 703-823-9999.
Working together, we CAN help prepare your students better for college
and workforce - our common mission!


Best regards,


Margaret Kale, K-12 Program Director

National Education Foundation

4926-C Eisenhower Ave.

Alexandria, VA  22304

Phone:  703-823-9999 








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