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ITEM:  New Report Guides IT for Competency Education:

New Hampshire is featured prominently in this new report from
ComptencyWorks <http://www.competencyworks.org/>  at iNACOL
<http://www.inacol.org/> !

Re-Imagining Our Schools Means Re-Engineering Our Information Systems

CompetencyWorks report examines an IT enterprise architecture for
competency-based education


CompetencyWorks and the International Association for K-12 Online
Learning (iNACOL) released a new report today, Re-Engineering
Information Technology: Design Considerations for Competency Education
08adabef64f138a7c77> . As more states move away from education systems
built on factory-era, seat-time designs and toward competency-based,
personalized learning environments for students, school information
technology (IT) systems must be re-engineered to focus and report
competency-based information on each student's demonstrated, true
progress in real time.


A competency-based education model fundamentally changes the way the
educational enterprise is organized around student needs, and thus must
have a dynamic IT system to support it. Re-Engineering Information
ea99fdf92e5fc99c8e6>  analyzes and examines components and elements of
effective competency-based information systems. The report stresses
design issues for competency education systems to keep student learning
at the core, interoperability requirements, and the importance of using
an enterprise architecture approach that enables schools and districts
to effectively manage their institutions with support of IT.


Technical characteristics of this student-centered approach as outlined
in the report include:

*	providing transparency into what students know and need to
*	enabling robust user tracking and reporting of performance
*	offering tools for differentiated instruction and curriculum
*	supporting options on how students can demonstrate learning

Based on interviews and research, the ideas in Re-Engineering
Information Technology
ea99fdf92e5fc99c8e6>  build upon the lessons learned in analyzing
information systems developed by competency education innovators, best
practices of systemic approaches to information management, and emerging
opportunities. The paper is designed for readers to find those issues
that are of most interest to them in their role and be used to catalyze
strategies, support new competency-based instructional models, and
inform decision making for continuous improvement.


To download a copy of the report, please visit
62b82f390509555ef7b> .


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