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ITEM:  Technology Readiness Tool updates


On January 14th, several enhancements will be introduced to the
Technology Readiness Tool. The following list is a high-level overview
of the changes. For a detailed description of each change, you may refer
to the last posting of ET News, or access them on the Assess4Ed.net site
in the NH Group resources area.


*         Homepage Call-outs. The content of the homepage will remain
the same, but the resources and notifications sections have been moved
to call-out boxes on the right side of the page to ensure ease of

*         Setup Menu and Navigational Updates. For more convenience, the
links to the Devices Management, School Readiness Survey, and Mark Data
Entry Complete pages are accessible directly from the Setup tab menu.
This will help users find the pages needed to complete all three
readiness data entry steps. 

*         Updates to the Devices Layout. To accommodate the consortia
minimum and recommended requirements, the items available for selection
for the Operating System and Memory fields have been revised. No columns
on the file layout or template have been added or removed. 

*         Addition of Exception Reports. Data provided in the weekly
Activity Reports previously posted to Assess4Ed will now be available to
SRCs and local users through the Results & Indicators tab in the
Technology Readiness Tool. These reports will be updated nightly and
will contain data for the organizations to which each user has access.

*         Updates to the Network Indicators Report. The items that will
display in the data grid and the calculations used in the Network
Indicators Report will change. To review these changes, please refer to
the attached document.


The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium will include Tool their
minimum and recommended requirements in the Technology Readiness Tool in
conjunction with the rollout of enhancements on January 14th. As of
January 14th, any piece of school data that is "required" and is missing
will be reported as not meeting minimum requirements.  You may use the
new Exception Reports and other reports in the site to identify where
data may be missing or need revision.


The next data snapshot will be taken on February 15th. 

Please use the period between January 14th and February 15th to review
your data and use the Technology Readiness Tool reports to fill in
missing information to ensure the data is complete as possible prior to
the next snapshot. 


It is our hope that you will continue to use the tool to enter and
update data so that NH is well represented in the Smarter Balanced
Assessment Consortium.  The Tech Readiness Tool will provide you with
important data that your technology planning committees, school boards,
and community need to support the appropriate technology and tools for
teaching and learning in the 21st Century.  



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