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ITEM:  Correction on this morning's update on Tech Readiness Tool


Sorry for the duplicate email. Upon inspection and some notes from our
friends in the field, I find I made two errors in this mornings update.
I will apologize and correct them now.


1.     In reviewing the school that were reporting as "no" for completed
questions, I found all of them reporting as "no".  After closer
inspection, and some concerned emails, I found that there no "yes"
possiblities on the list.  So while there are still a vast majority of
schools that have missing data, it is not "all".  That was an error in
understanding how my data was reported.

2.    I reported on the 10 point scale with out checking.  I remembered
the scale in reverse order.  So more correctly, the low numbers
represent low concern, where the higher numbers represent high concern.
I was equating it with preparedness, rather than concern, which would
reverse the scale.  

I apologize for the incorrect information.  I should have checked this
over more closely before sending.  Thank you to those who checked their
data and questioned.  You helped us all move a bit forward. 


Below is the corrected version.  All other information is correct.
Please continue to update and edit your information as it develops.



New Hampshire currently has 41% of schools reporting that their data is
100% submitted. 

The tool also shows that many school in New Hampshire has missing data.
The minimum missing data is just a single question.  However, many
school are missing as many as 15 questions.  In order for the tool to
work properly, it is extremely important that all the survey questions,
in both the device and school surveys are collected and input into the

The tool is still open to editing even though your data is submitted.  

Please make plans to talk, as a school faculty, about this missing data
and collect the information you need to complete the survey and enter it
into the Tech Readiness Tool.


Missing questions are commonly those concerning:

*         Network and Bandwidth - this is hard data which needs to be
determined and imported into the tool.

o    Internet bandwidth, internal network bandwidth speed, number of
wireless access points

-       This data should be estimated based on observed conditions

o    Estimated bandwidth use, estimated network utilization

*         Testing and Test Takers - this is softer data which comes from
deep conversations about how the test should affect your school.

o    Maximum number of simultaneous test takers - think about how many
students can be expected to take be test at one time in your school.
Base your answer on what will be the least disruptive for your school
and schedule.  How many can you gather together and manage in a single
test taking time period?

o    Length of testing window - how many days are you willing to devote
to testing in your school?  Think about what will be least disruptive to
the school and learning that is going on. There is no right answer, but
it should be what you are willing to devote, all other factors being

o    Number of sessions per day - base this on your daily schedule, if
it is 7 period, or 4 block, consider your "natural" breaks to be your
school's session length.  Then think about how many you are willing to
devote to delivering the test on a single day.  Again, consider the
learning and teaching that will also be happening during the day and
determine how many sessions of a day you are willing to devote to the

o    Estimated test taker count - What do you think will be the
population of your school in 2015 when the tests will be given?  Count
only the population of those grade levels that will be tested.  

*         Test administration and staffing - this is softer data again,
regarding your confidence in the staffing that can be available to
administer (proctor) the test.  Also consider the training they may have
or need to be effective test administrators.  The scale is 1 - 10, so
think about how your levels will range from  "0 being of no concern
(completely prepared) and 10 being of extreme concern (completely
unprepared)".  If you think of a "percent prepared", you can then select
a number in the 1-10 range.


Information and resources about using the tool and entering data are
provided for your use:

*         NH Technology Readiness page on NHEON

*         NH users group on Assess4Ed  http://www.assess4ed.net/ 

*         Tech Readiness Tool manuals and tutorials at
http://www.techreadiness.net  (tool login is required).  All pricipals
and superintendents have a login to the tool.  You can request that they
set up a user account for you, should you need one.



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