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ITEM:  Feedback sought from You about Potential Partnership

As you may already know, NH signed on to participate in the pricing plans for the Maine 1:1 Initiative RFP. Unlike previous years, Maine not only opened its negotiations and RFP to all states, but they also agreed to accept all bids that met the requirements of the RFP.  Five were selected.  Below is a table of costs for devices purchased through the three tiers of the program for each of these 3 vendors (supporting 5 devices).

Tier 1:  State purchases on behalf of the schools.  NH is not participating in Tier 1.
Tier 2:  Statewide agreement contract in place for statewide pricing.
Tier 3:  No statewide agreement in place. Districts can contact and purchase from vendors on their own.  Note: Apple is not participating in this Tier of the project.  NH Schools can participate in this Tier currently.

These prices are for the entire package:  Device, software, technical support, service, and professional development!

What I need to know is:  Are there any districts/schools interested in NH entereing into Tier 2 contracts?
As you know, things are tight in the Department these days.  I don't mind working on a Tier 2 contract on your behalf, but I don't want to take the time, if there is little interest from our districts.

Please consider your plans for future purchases in your schools and districts.  Send me an email if you would purchase devices under Tier 2, if we had the agreements.  If there is enough interest out there, I will initiate a statewide contract on your behalf.  If there is not sufficient interest we won't pursue any contracts, but you will still be welcome to purchase under Tier 3.
This notification is in regard to RFP #201210412, issued by the State of Maine Department of Education for the Multi-State Learning Technology Initiative. A Sourcing Team, made up of members from the State of Maine and other participating states, has evaluated the proposals received using the evaluation criteria identified in the RFP, and the Department is hereby announcing its conditional contract awards to the following bidders:

Student Device

Teacher Device

Tier 1 Annual Per Seat Price

Tier 2 Annual Per Seat Price

Tier 3 Annual Per Seat Price

Network Annual Per Seat Price

Apple, Inc. (Primary Proposal) of Cupertino, CA

iPad 32GB

iPad Mini & MacBook Air





Apple, Inc. (Alternate Proposal) of Cupertino, CA

MacBook Air

MacBook Air





CTL of Portland, OR

2go Convertible Classmate PC NL4

2go Convertible Classmate PC or CTL W130





Hewlett-Packard Company (Primary Proposal) of Palo Alto, CA

ProBook 4440

ProBook 4440





Hewlett-Packard Company (Alternate Proposal) of Palo Alto, CA

ElitePad 900

ElitePad 900





More information is available at http://maine.gov/mlti/rfp/

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