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ITEM:  Teacher Development Research: Keys to Educator Success

Teaching quality has been defined as "instruction that enables a wide
range of students to learn" (Darling-Hammond, 2012
aphy#darling1> ), and it is the strongest school-related factor that can
improve student learning and achievement (Hanushek, 2011
aphy#hanushek1> ; Nye, Konstantopoulos, and Hedges, 2004
aphy#nye> ; Rivkin, Hanushek, and Kain, 2005
aphy#rivkin> ). Knowing this, what is the best way to foster and provide
ongoing support for good teaching practices? While every school is
unique, research has identified several elements that can almost
universally increase the chances for successful teacher development and
create a powerful and positive school community.   The following three
sections detail the range of best practices found by researchers to be
critical for ensuring educator growth and success:

*	Effective Administrator and Teacher Leadership
*	Job-Embedded Professional Development
*	Professional Learning Communities

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