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ITEM:  NH Rocks Competency Education Policy!

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 Federal K-12 Policy

[A K-12 Federal Policy Framework for Competency Education]<http://cl.s6.exct.net/?qs=ba5cea6a68527818a694128246ee554f7b47144215f4abdfe97a20ac01abfc05>

 Competency Grading

[Progress and Proficiency]<http://cl.s6.exct.net/?qs=ba5cea6a685278188f22ce5e6ad8e4c175679d2dc48f9e63102de34b36ab31d6>

 Personalized Learning

[Mean What You Say]<http://cl.s6.exct.net/?qs=ba5cea6a68527818701ce64c779c9aa84b77b41b2e2fb3ec204480eed5560f24>

 State Policy Guide

[Necessary for Success]<http://cl.s6.exct.net/?qs=ba5cea6a68527818e77ad9d300640d83fcb736dab59f09ba6256dc9552c32f66>

More states are creating innovation space for competency education and integrating it into their core policies.

  *   Oklahoma<http://cl.s6.exct.net/?qs=ba5cea6a68527818919999bbf582e23ea30c5ef17239a7e20315714cac8c69b6> is upgrading administrative policy to enable proficiency-based credit and promotion.
  *   Vermont<http://cl.s6.exct.net/?qs=ba5cea6a68527818c5d37da840d943bc65300baf3131ec9ca0c20fab546e5f9f>'s Board of Education adopted Education Quality Standards, or Rule 2000, which defines proficiency-based learning, establishes proficiency-based high school diploma, and integrates several aspects of personalized learning.
  *   Wyoming<http://cl.s6.exct.net/?qs=ba5cea6a6852781823608527de0e5142d26346586ad08e0c52fc82ac4f110fe2>'s new Director of the Wyoming Department of Education, Richard Crandall, indicated that he wants to see competency education models in the next few years.
  *   New Hampshire<http://cl.s6.exct.net/?qs=ba5cea6a68527818ff0808bf0ef4d9248ba891930e7768e0770ce6cb332ad344> is integrating competency education into its minimum standards with expectations for personalization, systems of assessments, and systems of supports for teachers.

Given ongoing expansion of policy enabling competency education at the state level, it's time for federal policymakers to develop ways to enable competency education without mandating it in its accountability policies. In order to help them with this task, Maria Worthen (iNACOL) and Lillian Pace (KnowledgeWorks) have prepared A K-12 Federal Policy Framework for Competency Education: Building Capacity for Systems Change<http://cl.s6.exct.net/?qs=ba5cea6a685278182be80d89e4f40943d13db7fe2e65ed50fd5a51cc9d07d364>. Be sure to register for the February 12th webinar<http://cl.s6.exct.net/?qs=ba5cea6a68527818d825047daffa50ed5c801e739447e5c6433548a11cf1ca4c> showcasing the report and a deeper dive into this important federal policy issue.
Chris Sturgis, MetisNet
Susan Patrick, iNACOL

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