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ITEM:  K-12 Schools - Please verify your broadband internet service for NH Broadband Mapping & Planning Program

Please take action on the following message and information from the NH Broadband Mapping and Planning Program.  The data collected will help NH gain vital information which will help our state identify areas of need for increasing bandwidth to our schools.

As the identified contact of a school based community anchor institution, we, the New Hampshire Broadband Mapping & Planning Program (NHBMPP), University of New Hampshire CSRC/GRANIT, are sending you this message asking you to review and update data about the broadband service in your schools and districts or verify that your information is correct in our statewide database of broadband Internet service.  As you are aware in the Fall of 2013, President Obama unveiled a bold, new initiative called ConnectED, which is slated to connect 99 percent of America's students to the internet through high-speed broadband and high-speed wireless within 5 years.

Additionally on July 11th, 2014 the FCC voted to modernize the E-rate program in a landmark decision that represents a huge step forward for the mission to upgrade the broadband in America's K-12 schools.  If you're not knowledgeable of the details, the new order makes major strides in reforming the $2.4 billion E-rate program:

  *   It will phase out $1.2 billion of outdated services, thereby doubling the funding available for broadband to support technology use in the classroom.
  *   It will bring complete transparency to the program, allowing organizations like ours to leverage data to help schools lower costs.
  *   It will simplify the application process for schools, reducing the cost of administering the program.
  *   It will invest $5 billion over the next five years in wireless upgrades, enabling every school in America to deploy a robust Wi-Fi network.
With that said, without updated information regarding school's broadband internet service NH may find itself at a disadvantage as funding is announced for these programs.

We would request that you log into the web-based broadband inventory system and review the details for your institution(s) and update these data so that we will be able to report on the current state of broadband connectivity in New Hampshire schools.

We would like to thank you again for your valuable participation in the New Hampshire Broadband Mapping & Planning Program (NHBMPP).  This program is a multi-year, multi-agency effort to map areas in the state that are currently served by the state's broadband (high-speed internet) providers, as well as those areas that are unserved or underserved. As part of the comprehensive mapping effort, in 2010 the Regional Planning Commissions conducted a phone survey about broadband Internet service at each community institution or facility in New Hampshire. We are now in the fourth year of tracking improvements in Internet service to community anchor institutions.

At this time, we seek your assistance in verifying and maintaining the statewide database.  To participate in this important effort, we would request that you login to the program's website to review and update/verify your institution's information. Please follow the steps below:

  1.  Request an account/password on the project website by going to http://www.iwantbroadbandnh.org/user/password and entering your email address.  You will receive a temporary password via email.
  2.  Login to the project website at http://iwantbroadbandnh.org/login.
  3.  Once logged in, you will see an 'Update Anchor Institutions" menu option on the right-hand menu.  Click on this option to bring you to a form that will allow you to review and edit details of your institution, and to submit any changes directly to the program.
  4.  Click the "edit" button to the right of each facility listing to review and edit details. Even if no information has changed, please click the checkbox (at the bottom of the page) to indicate that you have verified your institution's information.

If  you have any questions about the process or the information we are seeking to collect, please feel free to email Rachel Ruppel<mailto:rachel.uvlsrpc at gmail.com> with Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission.  Rachel is managing and coordinating the data collection and maintenance effort for the NHBMPP.

We request that you review and confirm that the information is correct or submit the modifications via the iwantbroadbandnh.org<http://iwantbroadbandnh.org> website no later than Friday, August 15, 2014.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about this important initiative. If you'd like to see the results thus far, please visit the NHBMPP interactive map at http://broadbandnh.sr.unh.edu/NHBroadbandServiceViewer1.0/ or go to the project website at http://www.iwantbroadbandnh.org/.

Thank you for your continued assistance.
You are being sent this email as a participant in the NH Broadband Mapping and Planning Program. If you believe that you received this message in error or no longer wish to participate, please contact us at rachel.uvlsrpc at gmail.com<mailto:rachel.uvlsrpc at gmail.com> or (603) 448-1680<tel:%28603%29%20448-1680> so that we may correct our list.

Cheers, Michael

For more information, please contact:

Michael Blair, Project Coordinator
New Hampshire Broadband Mapping & Planning Program (NHBMPP)
University of New Hampshire
8 College Road, Morse Hall, Room 252
Durham, NH 03824
(603) 862-2589
(603) 862-0188 (fax)
(603) 852-8139 (cell)
michael.blair at unh.edu<mailto:michael.blair at unh.edu>

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