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ITEM:  Free Tool for E-Rate Filing

This year, EducationSuperHighway, the not for profit organization that brought you the School Speed Test tool, is introducing a new Item 21 Entry Portal<http://www.item21portal.org/?utm_source=S&utm_medium=partner&utm_campaign=item21> to create your 2014-15 Form 471 Item 21 attachments for E-Rate Filing.

The data generated from the Portal will help ensure that all our schools have access to competitive, affordable prices for technology. By using the new Item 21 Entry Portal, you will gain benchmark pricing information that can help you lower the cost of bandwidth to best meet the needs of your students and teachers.

Steps to create your Item 21 attachment using the new Item 21 Entry Portal:

Step 1: Upon completing your district's Form 471, visit www.item21portal.org<http://www.item21portal.org/?utm_source=S&utm_medium=partner&utm_campaign=item21>

Step 2: Create an account and manage FRNs for multiple Form 471s in one place

Step 3: Produce a clean PDF that is ready to submit to USAC

Step 4: Submit the PDF manually via email to USAC

Use the Item 21 Entry Portal to create your district's 2014-15 Priority 1 Item 21 Attachments. If you are not the correct contact for E-rate matters in your district, please forward this email to your district's E-rate Coordinator.

Item 21 Entry Portal
A free online tool for school district E-rate filing

School districts spend billions on Internet connections, yet still more than 70% of schools do not have the speeds they need for digital learning.
Many states lack access to high-quality, real-time data on what school districts are actually purchasing and how much they are paying, which can lead to overspending. In fact, the average school district pays $25 per megabit of bandwidth per month, which is twelve times the $2 per megabit that the top 25% of districts pay.

The new Item 21 Entry Portal will save administrative time and give states information they need to make well-informed technology decisions.
The free, web-based Item 21 Entry Portal created by EducationSuperHighway provides E-rate applicants with a simple way to prepare their Form 471 Item 21 Priority 1 attachments while also automating pricing data collection for a state and national view of E-rate spending across categories.
User-centric features of the portal include the ability to:

*      Manage FRNs for multiple Form 471s in one place

*      Produce clean, simple Item 21 attachments to submit to USAC

*      Save Item 21 data year-over-year

Encourage your districts to use the Item 21 Entry Portal and receive a customized and detailed state spending report.
Wide participation by districts in your state will allow you to:
* Receive a real-time look into 2014 - 15 technology spending by category (e.g. Internet access or district WAN)
* Help schools and libraries find the best options at the lowest prices to upgrade their bandwidth
* Identify the service providers that deliver Internet to schools and libraries in your state and locate opportunities for service area expansion
* Gain an understanding of state and national broadband pricing trends through benchmarking and data analysis prepared by EducationSuperHighway

How to participate
Work with EducationSuperHighway to receive a customized outreach packet to encourage districts in your state to use the Item 21 Entry Portal. If you have not already been in contact with
EducationSuperHighway, you can email info at educationsuperhighway.org<mailto:info at educationsuperhighway.org>.

The FCC staff is excited about the quality of the data that could result from E-rate applicants using the Item 21 Entry Portal for their upcoming filings and expressed that they intend to encourage applicants to seriously consider using the Item 21 Entry Portal for their Priority 1 submissions.

EducationSuperHighway is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization whose mission is to upgrade the Internet infrastructure in America's K-12 schools. For more information, visit www.educationsuperhighway.org<http://www.educationsuperhighway.org>.

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