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ITEM:  Free online NH resource available from NH Bar Association

The NH Bar Association is introducing our re-release of the Patriots, Pirates, Politicians and Profit Seekers Book and Teacher’s Guide.  This publication is up-dated from the 1996 version, describing and analyzing important US Supreme Court decisions that were based on New Hampshire cases – highlighting constitutional law and NH history.

The Honorable Kathleen A. McGuire, attorney Robert J. Lamberti, Jr. and Art Pease, a retired teacher, assisted by the book’s original authors, attorney Martin J. Bender and Joan M. Blanchard, a retired teacher and librarian, all contributed to writing new case summaries and integrating them with the original text.  A teacher's edition by Mrs. Blanchard provides citations to NH State Frameworks, Common Core State Standards and AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner in Action, as well as suggested activities.  https://www.nhbar.org/law-related-education/patriotspirates.asp

The NH Bar Association has given permission for any links you may wish to place in your catalogs.  The book and teacher's guide are primarily aimed at high school classes (I taught high school social studies for more than 20 years.) but could also be used in other settings.  The first edition was distributed in print to all public high schools in NH in 1996.

When I was working on the Teacher's Guide, I tried to include as many opportunities for collaboration with school librarians as possible.  Because my first and last careers were as a librarian and I have a lifelong love of history, there are many suggestions for research projects.  Although it was laborious and at times tedious, I hope the effort I put into including all the various standards will make it easier for both librarians and teachers.  Who knows, it may even raise awareness among teachers that the AASL standards exist!

If you have technical problems accessing the book, please contact the LRE Coordinator at the NH Bar Association.  Her contact information is:
Robin E. Knippers
Law Related Education Coordinator
NH State Coordinator - WTP Programs
New Hampshire Bar Association
2 Pillsbury Street, Suite 300
Concord, NH 03301-3502
reknippers at nhbar.org<mailto:reknippers at nhbar.org>
Phone (603) 224-6942 Ext. 3259
Fax (603) 224-291

If there are questions about the content, suggested activities, etc., you may contact me off list at j5m19b at aol.com<mailto:j5m19b at aol.com>.  Now that I am retired, I don't always have my email open or even have a computer on, so please be patient.

Have a wonderful holiday season.
Joan Blanchard
6 Fisher Street
Concord, NH 03301

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