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ITEM:  ArcGIS Organization Account Training Offered
Due to the huge and enthusiastic response to the Geospatial 101 North Country edition held at Stratford Public School in June, we will be offering an abbreviated 1 day training on setting up, organizing, and administering an ArcGIS Online organization account for your school on July 27th from 8:30-4:30 at Stratford Public School.  (We will definitely provide lunch, and are working on possible stipends for the GeoPriSM participants.)  The goal of this workshop will be to allow school teams to get their own ArcGIS Online organizations set up and running so that things can be ready to go on Day 1 of the new school year.
Although the details of the schedule will be developed following the 3 day AGO Organization training to be held at Hopkinton, the session will include both hands on experience working within an AGO organization and discussion sessions where the impacts of a variety of decisions made during setup will be discussed and school teams will have an opportunity to decide which options best meets their needs.
Things to do prior to the workshop:
1.  Organize your team.  Having at least two people for each school organization is really helpful.  Contact other members of your school who attended Geospatial 101 or who you think might be interested in utilizing the software.  Also consider inviting or bringing members of your tech staff and school administration.
2.  E-mail Ina Ahern (i_ahern at LR.NET<mailto:i_ahern at LR.NET>) or Patti Dugan-Henriksen by Friday, July 17th to indicate that you plan to attend the workshop.  You may do this individually or one person may send the information for the team.  If you have some people who are unsure if they can make it, just note that on the list.
 3.  Have one member of your team contact Esri by clicking on the link at http://www.esri.com/connected to request a free school account.  When you get the e-mail back (usually within about 48 hours-check your Spam folder if you don't receive it) just hold on to it.  Don't click the link to set up the account!  There are some key decisions you must make immediately and we want to talk about the ramifications of these decisions before you start.  One of these decisions is how large you want your organization to be....do you want one organization for the entire SAU or separate organizations for each elementary, middle, and high school?  There are advantages and disadvantages of each decision that will be discussed at the workshop.  My suggestion would be to request an account for each separate school that you think you might want an organization for so that no matter how we decide at the workshop to set them up we'll have accounts available.
 That's it!  Hope to see you on the 27th!
 Ina & Patti

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