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ITEM:  Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum (Portland, MA, Nov 5-7)

Good Morning!
Hope all is well with you this morning.  It occurred to me this morning that a number of these sessions in our upcoming Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum<http://essentialschools.org/fall-forum-2015> (Portland, ME November 5-7) would be an excellent fit for folks who are thinking about STEAM and looking to get started.You can see the full schedule here<http://essentialschools.org/fall-forum-2015/schedule/>, but I'm highlighting a few sessions below as well. Please feel free to pass this along to any one you think might be interested. We're currently offering a $50 per participant discount for two or more folks from the same school but registration is filling quickly.

Creating a Maker Classroom: One Approach to STEAM Learning
Everywhere we turn, people are talking about STEAM. Why would we change our curriculum to incorporate this? In this session, we will describe why we decided to start teaching our current course , Engineering, Programming and Making. We will share some of the learning that we did before we started and what we learned as we went. For the majority of the session, participants will be visiting stations where they will get exposure to some of the technology/activities we use with our students. These include paper and sewn circuits, Scratch programming, Arduino and Paper Houses. We will give an overview of course content and share some student work.

School Wide Presentations of Learning - Lessons Learned
Beginning in the 2012-2013 school year, Media Arts Collaborative Charter School (MACCS) began implementing school wide Presentations of Learning for our high school students. Students engaged in self-selected, self-directed, semester long research projects culminating in a 25 minute public presentation of learning before both an audience of their peers and outside judges. As a media school, we also required students to create and present a unique media project in support of their research. Although we have succeeded in achieving a 95 percent participation rate, we have also faced challenges in implementation, differentiation, pacing, and goals. We will share our process, projects, challenges and successes. Join us and share our lessons learned in implementing school wide presentations of learning.

Collaboration and Computers in the Elementary School
George Reese and Todd Lash work with other teachers, researchers and community leaders on bringing computational thinking into the elementary school classrooms. Students have created and shared wonderful projects and teachers have created a "collaborative framework" that helps students work constructively with their peers. We'll share that framework and other resources and ideas around computing in elementary schools.

Physical Computing with Urban Students
The goal of this session is to present culturally responsive approaches to creating interactive art and technology projects based on themes. Projects showcased will include physical computing, or building interactive physical systems by the use of Arduino-based software and hardware that can sense and respond to the analog world.

Teaching The Beautiful
Teaching Beauty: Why we believe that part of the goal of any Humanities/Social Studies course is not just about teaching, information, reading and writing skills, analyzing human behavior, but about recognizing what is beautiful, what is wonderful about humans. Even more so, Teaching Beauty is about how that actually really works for kids in a school/classroom setting.

How to make change stick - the secret sauce in implementation
Most change efforts (initiatives, projects & programs) fail during the implementation stage. What does it take to make change stick? Learn about the struggle of managing change and the tools for successful navigation through a successful case study of one of our partners with which we work. In addition to receiving materials on this successful innovation, you will also gain an understanding of how to implement any change in your local context.

Please be in touch if you have questions or need more information-
Laura Thomas
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Director, Antioch Center for School Renewal<http://antiochne.edu/acsr>
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