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ITEM:  Registration Closes THIS Week for Computing in the Cloud Across the Curriculum

Registration Closes THIS Week  . . . we have room for ONLY about 20 more participants - do not get closed out!

What: TT SIG2 ~ Computing in the Cloud Across the Curriculum
Where: SERESC, 29 Commerce Drive, Bedford, NH
When: Date: 07 Apr 2016 8:30 AM EDT

We have an amazing lineup of sessions by both teachers and our select exhibitors - please remember to register if you have not already done so - this is going to be another excellent workshop experience.  Many of these presentations were offered at CMTC15 and received RAVE reviews.  Here is another opportunity to engage with this experienced presenters.

Click here to register:  http://nhste.memberlodge.com/event-2032307<http://nhste.org/EmailTracker/LinkTracker.ashx?linkAndRecipientCode=UpCGa2rw4%2b37X7LqwrotBrPOmCVDn%2bjkur%2fsKMGl%2fzHAJ3V0PwOf%2fqsXYB66uFVPiIPtYH92yPZTY7%2fgBMkBoRq0Ibig6fYHBxcQGhqJPC0%3d>

Looking forward to seeing you on April 7th at SERESC!
Opening Keynote Presentation
Connect, Communicate, & Collaborate in the Cloud! ~ Amy Moskwa, Bedford SD
Join Amy Moskwa as she shares her use of Edmodo (a FREE cloud-based resource) as an online learning platform, a means to communicate and collaborate, as well as access to assessment tools to supplement in-class learning. Flexible enough to be used in just one classroom, a whole school, or the entire district - Edmodo provides a safe and secure online learning platform.
After Lunch Keynote Presentation
Streaming TV On A Shoestring: Live, Cheap, Easy & By Kids! ~ Maryanne Cullinan & Ellen Kidd, Great Brook School, ConVal SD
Do you dream of your own WMUR at your school? You don't need expensive CCTV. A webcam, a computer and some software is all it takes to send out live streaming TV to your audience. Best of all, its by kids! Come meet our middle school student staff and they'll answer all your questions, get you started and show you how its done...on a tight budget!
Session 1
How to Assess Without Clickers - Using Socrative in Your Classroom ~ Jill Schrock, retired educator, Nottingham [K-12]
Socrative is an assessment tool that can be used on any device to assess student understanding. Bring your own device and learn how to use this tool by being the student!
Genius Hour in the Classroom ~ Amy Moskwa & Tristan Bowen, Bedford SD [K-12]
Join Amy and Tristan as they share their strategies to increase student engagement and differentiation across all content areas through critical inquiry projects and the cloud based resources that support their programs. Both Genius Hour and Wisdom Work are programs that inspire student driven projects about STEAM related topics. They will share how Google Apps for Education, YouTube, Skype, Create-A-Graph can be used with a variety of devices including: iPads, Chromebooks, and computers.
Engage, Enrich, & Innovate Student Learning While Preparing Students for College & 21st Century Careers! [Gr 6-12]  ~ Suzanne Rickard, IAK Educational Solutions, srickard at metrocast.net<mailto:srickard at metrocast.net> & Nikki Navta, Zulama
Learn how educators are turning traditional classrooms into an engaging, dynamic, and innovative student-centered learning environment. Zulama's game design curriculum is a blended learning solution that offers STEAM curricula for middle and high schools. Authored by faculty at Carnegie Mellon University, Zulama's program is rigorous and provides high-interest programming including; coding, game design, and digital art, while satisfying a wide range of standards including; CCSS, Next Science Gen, and Bloom taxonomy. Zulama gives students not only the skills but also the creativity they need to thrive in the global digital workplace. Come learn how middle and high schools are using Zulama's curriculum to bring student learning to the 21st Century! We will showcase student work and show you how teachers are just as excited as the students when it comes to their "Zulama classes."
Keeping Students on Task While Safely, Securely, & Effectively Managing Your Chromebook Fleet [Gr K-12]
~ Jeff Stark, jeff at goguardian.com<mailto:jeff at goguardian.com>, Go Guardian, Maureen Corlett, & Mark Russo, CDW-G
Discover how GoGuardian Administrator and Teacher Products can help you:
-Understand how your Chromebooks are being used on all levels including broad usage trends, unique organizational units, and granular per-student browsing behavior.
-Never worry again about what your students are accessing on the internet. Use our broad categories list to easily remain compliant with CIPA requirements.
-The first and only comprehensive Theft Recovery features for schools. Identify thieves with screenshots, keylogs, and webcam photos from the stolen device.
-Give you a real time timeline view of your students activity on their Chromebooks
-Allow Teachers to view all of the screens of your students devices
-Enable staff to be able to push out specific website links, blank out screen, and start a direct dialogue with their students
Session 2
Aurasma~Augmented Reality (AR) in the Classroom ~ Christina DeBello & Amanda Chapman, Barrington Middle School [4-8]
Hear how Barrington Middle School started using the Aurasma app to attach book trailers and posters to books in the school library so that others can preview.  By using Aurasma teachers have encouraged students to improve the quality of their projects and spend more time editing and revising to ensure they meet the expectations to share globally through the Aurasma app.  In addition to using the app and sampling some of the "auras" created using Aurasma, participants will learn how simple it is to set up an account, create an aura, and make them publicly available.
Step Outside the Google Box: Dip a Toe in the World of Office 365 ~ Jeff Twombly, Laconia SD [K-12]
Come explore another powerful online collaboration environment. During this session we will introduce you to Office 365. The presenters have been using Office 365 for over two years with all students and staff in the Laconia School District. This is your chance to explore the world of Office 365 and see how it can be used to share documents and create sites to support collaborative learning. You just might leave thinking this full-featured collaborative suite is a must for your school district.
Up to 40 Ways to Use Google Apps for Education      [Gr K-12]
~ Joseph Dellava, Google, jdellava at google.com<mailto:jdellava at google.com> & Rick Gay, GovConnection, rgay at govconnection.com<mailto:rgay at govconnection.com>
Explore a host of tips for using Google in the classroom for instruction, management, and communication.  Discover different tools for teachers that help enhance their experiences with Google Apps in the Classroom.
ClassFlow ~ an Award Winning, FREE Lesson Planning, Delivery, & Assessment Platform [Gr K-12]
~ Geoffrey Allison, Geoffrey.Allison at prometheanworld.com<mailto:Geoffrey.Allison at prometheanworld.com>, Miguel Maldonado,& Fred Wolf, Promethean
ClassFlow is a cloud-based teaching and learning platform that makes lesson planning easier, lesson delivery more dynamic, and student assessment seamless and instantaneous. Features include:
* Cloud-based - connect to the platform through any supported web browser
* Easier lesson planning - access resources virtual storage folders like Google Drive, Dropbox, & OneDrive
* Dynamic lesson delivery - share designated lesson content with whole class, individuals, or groups for differentiate instruction
* Seamless and instant student assessment - student devices gather real-time feedback through the live assessment screen and save data for future use
Session 3
Video in the 21st Century Classroom ~ Rick Davidson, Governor Wentworh Regional SD [K-12]
Using the cloud, help your students learn how to create as well as consume.  Be exposed to various ways to use video in the 21st century classroom. Quality video making no longer requires expensive equipment and advanced technical skills. It can even be done in the cloud. Come explore camera options, easy editing software, simple green screen. and ways to share student projects. Look at ideas for video projects for both elementary and secondary schools.
Flip & Blend Student Learning - Get Started Today ~ Brenda Lomanno & Carol Trulli, Willmington MS           [4-12]
Discover free online tools to create class video tutorials or create class lessons to effectively "flip your classroom" for online teaching and learning. Participants will learn how to use a few powerful tools that will transform the way they teach.
Integrating Assessment & Differentiated Practice (STAR Assessments + Accelerated Reader/Math) [Gr 4-12] ~ Tim Grady, tim.grady at renaissance.com<mailto:tim.grady at renaissance.com>, Renaissance Learning
Explore how to integrate STAR assessments with our programs that cultivate student practice (Accelerated Math and Accelerated Reader). We will show how easy it is for Math teachers to set up a class in Accelerated Math 2.0 and differentiate instruction; similarly, we will demonstrate how Accelerated Reader can be used to help students set goals for their reading, and save teachers more time to focus on instruction.
Realize Your Potential [Gr K-12] ~ Kim Higgins, kim.higgins at pearson.com<mailto:kim.higgins at pearson.com>, Pearson
Digital learning takes education to the next level, offering unprecedented interactivity, academic resources, and a seamless user experience that enriches the learning environment. To enable these rich features, it is important that you get your school or district started off right. This includes assigning digital licenses, uploading rosters, and configuring the systems to your specific requirements. Pearson Realize offers:
* High-quality, interactive instructional content aligned to standards
* Class management tools
* Mobile eText
* Online assessments
* Student progress data
* Automatic scoring
* Remediation
* Teacher and student resources
* Robust reporting
Session 4
Interactive Timelines ~ Audra Kaplan & Jeannie Erickson, Groton-Dunstable Regional SD [K-12]
Create interactive timelines using Knightlab Timeline, a web based tool that integrates well with Google Drive. This integration with Google Drive allows students an opportunity to work collaboratively with a timeline project file. Using the project file, a Google spreadsheet template, users can create a visually pleasing electronic timelines by simply adding text or weblinks. Timelines can include images, YouTube or Vimeo videos, Google maps, Tweets, text, or audio from SoundCloud.com<http://soundcloud.com>. Once published, this tool generates a web link that makes it easy to share with your audience. Published files can also be embedded on most web pages.
Google Drawing for Science ~ Laurie Prewandowski, Kearsarge Regional SD [4-8]
Explore Google Drawings and how it can be used in science to portray a particular scientific process to deepen understanding of complex processes. The presenter demonstrates how to use 1) an image insert feature that searches for copyright friendly images in Google Docs and Google Slides, 2) a Google add on for EasyBib to make citations a breeze, and 3) how to use the Research tool in Google.
The Connected Classroom - Connecting Virtual & Real Worlds for Technical Education [Gr 6-12] ~ Dan Blanck, daniel.blanck at festo.com<mailto:daniel.blanck at festo.com>, David Kempskie, & Darrell Dayton, AETLabs  (Samantha Graham?)
Learn how to bridge the gap between the virtual classroom and hands on technical training equipment with the latest technology using real industrial components. Attendees explore how today's virtual classroom can be modular and expandable providing students the skills to succeed in tomorrow's industry. In addition, the Festo Mobile Demo Room will be parked in the lower lot by the main entrance. This will allow attendees direct experience using equipment and software with topic coverage ranging from electrical, automation and process control to fluid power, pneumatics and mechatronics. The Mobile Demo Room allows you a glimpse into the teaching hardware and software that drives industry and educates students on how to succeed in Advanced Manufacturing. Please Join AET Labs and Festo not only for a presentation, but an individual first hand experience with industry leading technology for education.
Cloudy with a Chance of . . . harnessing the cloud for data driven insights [Gr 6-12] ~ Raajan Narayanan, rnarayanan at advizex.com<mailto:rnarayanan at advizex.com> & John Korak, Volta AdvizeX,
With applications and data moving to the cloud, organizations today can leverage the vast amount of data that exists in the cloud. With the vast ecosystem of cloud enabled analytical tools readily available to harness this data for meaningful insights, organizations can decide if a cloud based approach for analytics is right for them. This session looks at various use cases that can help educational institutions justify a cloud based analytic solution.
Cyndi Dunlap
NHSTE CMTC & Professional Development Chair
cdunlap55 at comcast.net<mailto:cdunlap55 at comcast.net>

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