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ITEM:  Environmental Literacy for NH

Please tell the Dept. of Education that we want hands-on, experiential, place-based, outdoor learning for our students in NH! We have a window of opportunity to really make a difference in the future of environmental education in New Hampshire.

The Every Student Succeed Act included environmental education and STEM in the definition of a well rounded education which was a major achievement.  It is very important that New Hampshire's ESSA plan includes language about environmental education particular making sure that environmental education are acceptable for funding under both under Title II (Professional Development) and Title IV (Student Support and Academic Grants).  Public comment for NH's vision of ESSA is being collected now!

For more information, visit this website:

There are two ways to make your voices heard. Fill out a the survey link below.

Please go to (<http://education.nh.gov/essa/index.htm>https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YT6BFML<https://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.surveymonkey.com%2Fr%2FYT6BFML&h=RAQHhvEyIAQGa4m3LgywqOUde_8D5iGEjENfwZS3mRFQkjA&enc=AZM2YGy4XVYfJL28upV5VcV-4Zp2w3s4h3cCC8DXikN7m-KPDyTQFPHn6tNps2bqvREz6PfSytFUS2SoVG8j0vvOfkbXPRmnrtgd73-LqbzOSxBMATSSo0Yp8fg_e9-5HqA-8vbomgVkZPzdXxNs-fV_hPe-khj4NU_WbFEchOjhZpL2MsPryz7bXSn9fSDSwL9U8jlkHavRKdSPklbYMKD2&s=1>) to participate in a survey that is intended to gather input from New Hampshire citizens about what they value in their education system.  Respond by Nov 18 All responses will be available to the public.

Make time to go to one of the listening sessions. We have already missed the first one but there are five more to come in the next ten days, including one in Keene tonight.

Here are some talking points.

*         Environmental Education increases overall student engagement and motivation.

*         Increases academic performance on assessments

*         Provides for authentic locally relevant real world application STEM learning using hands on, field based and service learning.

*         increases physical and mental health.

*         Increases positive collaboration among educators.

*         Using the community and local environment to apply 21st Century Skills.

Here is a good link regarding the benefits of EE for K-12 students

Let's make a difference for environmental education and move towards creating  environmentally literate citizenry.

Thanks for your participation.


Judy Silverberg PhD

Convener for NH Environmental Literacy Plan

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