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ITEM:  ISTE  Advocacy Month Take Action For Funding Support

Alert: This very week, the last week of ISTE Advocacy Month, Congress is determining final funding levels for fiscal year 2017 and ed tech funding is at risk.
One critical decision being made is how much money Congress decides to allocate for the new block grant in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which provides funds that school districts can use for technology professional development; blended learning; and computing devices, digital educational content and services, and equipment.

Action: To ensure adequate funding for the block grant, we need you to flood the phone lines of your U.S. senators' and representatives' offices and let them know why this funding is critical.
If you're a Facebook user, follow these easy steps to help ensure ample edtech funding for the 2017-18 school year. If not, use the tools to contact your representative on iste.org/TakeAction<https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fiste.org%2FTakeAction&h=ATNH2H7T2gCO2Kwi776i36iYmtSTrPkPCmEo4rEwFmHVcSNWW8Hexwuu4TtwRh36l1bF4Y0iVoZ8DWZpoqhJTexz3moyStjPi450GuGLSu0QANV7ZFpJ1Lz9NlbtRrRDl7JoK3XpEQ4lChAZbw&enc=AZPzenxva0akjIRYCt20sXdXfp-mP4i933EYaBNNdrUEPozMC_pfmzyXWdzljleIeD0YGUzCX6A-Vp0dhON-fXKToSPapAuDNWbBvKKg3o-DTfCi3u8qgLVT-wud_i65arb0D8gI73x-svqlFZVcIOJ8ZvL29RDPfVH35WBv-wjk-16R-r2WxFX_eoe8JWhDKMKTwHymKQY7NxOrQAKbLXn7&s=1>.
Here is a slide show from ISTE showing how to use the Facebook Town Hall tool. Great idea. This is the month for Advocacy for Education funding for Ed Tech in schools. Help by contacting your representatives in Congress.

When your call to your representative is answered or if you get an answering machine, use the script below. Don't be nervous and remember to mention your name and voting district.
"I'm a [insert profession or organizational affiliation] and I'm calling to urge Senator/Representative [insert name here] to support full funding in fiscal year 2017 for the Student Support and Academic Enrichment grant program under Title IV, Part A of ESSA.
It will provide school districts with flexible funding they can use for the effective use of technology and professional development in classrooms.
Although Congress authorized this program at $1.65 billion, I'm extremely concerned that Congress is considering providing funding at a far lower level, eliminating the flexibility intended by the law.
I urge Senator/Representative [insert name] to support the full funding of Title IV Part A."

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