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ITEM:  NHSTA 2017 Spring Conference Saturday, April 1, 2017 Pinkerton Academy

NHSTA 2017 Spring Conference

Saturday, April 1st, 2017 is right around the corner - it's not too late to register for
the NHSTA Spring Conference at Pinkerton Academy, Derry, NH!
Gain new teaching ideas and strategies with a diverse offering of workshops. Enjoy the exhibit hall to boost and enhance your classroom. Take the opportunity to network with peers and professionals who nurture your passion for science!

Saturday, 4/1/17 has 24 carefully selected 90 minute workshops (in 3 sessions), covering all levels and NH Frameworks and includes a great lunch as last year (and every other year). Presenters have referenced the NGSS Standards for every workshop! There are: NGSS Practices for the K-12 Science Classrooms; NGSS Seven Crosscutting Concepts of the Framework; and Core Ideas and the related concepts. These are available for each workshop in the complete booklet (link is below).

Come join us at Pinkerton to get information on relevant issues, network with educators throughout the state, and to simply enjoy a day dedicated to science education in the state of New Hampshire!

You can register by mail and pay with a check; you can register on-line and pay with a credit card; you can register either way and pay with a purchase order.
Looking forward to seeing you there!

Pinkerton Academy
5 Pinkerton Street
Derry, NH  03038

View Event Summary<http://www.cvent.com/d/WRb4Qal4HUuUuIo1uicCZg/mn75/P1?>
View Event Agenda<http://www.cvent.com/d/WRb4Qal4HUuUuIo1uicCZg/mn75/P1/6X?>

Click here to download The Complete Conference Booklet<https://custom.cvent.com/926E2076C6134F25BCEB366CF7980096/files/Event/6e2ded5c0e814def9e63b8c965bd4ad6/599d3c5fc208427087ed9c2e6fb04df5.pdf> (.pdf format)

Click here to download the Conference At-a-Glance<https://custom.cvent.com/926E2076C6134F25BCEB366CF7980096/files/Event/6e2ded5c0e814def9e63b8c965bd4ad6/8f47ac4b7d54456b9a7c2b00bec1e5c9.pdf> (.pdf format)

Click here to download Optional Graduate Credit Information <https://custom.cvent.com/926E2076C6134F25BCEB366CF7980096/files/Event/6e2ded5c0e814def9e63b8c965bd4ad6/ed476c849cb54bd3aa8d09132ff22bb7.pdf> (.pdf format)

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